• BalletX<br>Photo by Alexander Iziliaev
    Photo by Alexander Iziliaev
  • Graffito Works<br>Photo by Bill Hebert
    Graffito Works
    Photo by Bill Hebert
  • Koresh Dance Company<br>Photo by Frank Bicking
    Koresh Dance Company
    Photo by Frank Bicking
  • philadanco2
  • Group Motion<br>Photo by Bill Hebert
    Group Motion
    Photo by Bill Hebert
  • Olive Prince Dance<br>Photo by Thomas Weir
    Olive Prince Dance
    Photo by Thomas Weir
  • Kun Yang-Lin /Dancers<br>Photo by Frank Bicking
    Kun Yang-Lin /Dancers
    Photo by Frank Bicking
  • Alchemy Dance Company<br>Photo by Matthew Wright
    Alchemy Dance Company
    Photo by Matthew Wright
  • The Lady Hoofers Tap Ensemble<br>Photo by Frank Bicking
    The Lady Hoofers Tap Ensemble
    Photo by Frank Bicking
  • Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet<br>Photo by Brian Mengini
    Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet
    Photo by Brian Mengini
  • Danse4Nia Repertory Ensemble<br>Photo by Alexander Iziliaev
    Danse4Nia Repertory Ensemble
    Photo by Alexander Iziliaev
  • Ballet 180<br>Photo by Frank Bicking
    Ballet 180
    Photo by Frank Bicking
  • Sean Thomas Boyt<br>Photo by Andy Thierauf
    Sean Thomas Boyt
    Photo by Andy Thierauf
  • ContempraDANCE Theatre Company<br>Photo by Bill Hebert
    ContempraDANCE Theatre Company
    Photo by Bill Hebert
PhiladelphiaDANCE.org was established in 2005 as a resource and hub for dance related information, advocacy and service in the greater Philadelphia region. At the core of its mission is the expansion and development of new audiences for dance through education, marketing, outreach, networking and use of current technologies. PhiladelphiaDANCE.org seeks to promote to the public the wealth of dance experiences available in the region. In addition, PhiladelphiaDANCE.org strives to bring together resources and information required by dancers, dance companies, choreographers, dance writers, dance organizations, dance practitioners, audiences, media, philanthropists and policy makers. By facilitating collaboration between these entities, it is our hope to create an even stronger dance community and presence for dance and the arts in Philadelphia.




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