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Lew Whittington

  • by Lewis J Whittington for The Dance Journal | photo credit Julienne Harris The Suzanne Roberts Theater was packed with dance fans for the final two nights of the Koresh Dance Company’s Come Together Festival, Nov. 23-24. Before each of the two concert evenings, Artistic Director, Roni Koresh credited his brother Alon, the company’s Executive Director, for conceiving the festival and for its growth since they launched the festival in 2013 as a platform for [...]

Jane Fries

  • Wendy Whelan and cellist Maya Beiser
    by Jane Fries for The Dance Journal Dancer Wendy Whelan and cellist Maya Beiser gave an ethereal performance last Wednesday, November 6th, of their new collaborative, total-theater piece, The Day, at the Williams Center for the Arts. The elegant Whelan retired several years ago from the New York City Ballet after a decades-spanning career as a principal dancer, and earlier this year she was named Associate Artistic Director of the company. Beiser is a passionate [...]

Winfield Maben

  • By Winfield Maben for The Dance Journal On Friday, November 9th Silvana Cardell presented Supper, People on the Move at Drexel’s URBN Center. The work, which originally premiered at the Icebox Project Space in Philadelphia, is inspired by Cardell’s own immigration process as well as by the stories she’s collected throughout the construction of the work. Inspired by the belief that migration is a unifying story and an experience that draws a myriad of people [...]

Debra Danese

  • PA Ballet
    by Debra Danese for The Dance Journal PA Ballet’s World Premieres had an interesting creative process before culminating onstage. According to the company, three choreographers- Yin Yue, Juliano Nunes, and Garrett Smith- were invited to create pieces on, and specifically for, the PA Ballet dancers. The choreographers were tasked with getting to know the dancers and showcasing their unique abilities in a shared artistic process. The tailored pieces could only be seen this season during [...]

Kat Richter

  • Zachary Kapeluck and Andie Yorita in rehearsal with choreographer Jo Strømgren
    by Kat Richter for The Dance Journal | photo credit Vikki Sloviter One doesn’t generally expect to find a collection of astronaut helmets in the rehearsal studio of a ballet company. But at BalletX’s new Washington Avenue headquarters, the audaciously but not inaccurately named “Center for World Premiere Choreography,” space suits abound, thanks to Norwegian choreographer Jo Strømgren and costume designer Martha Chamberlain. Strømgren’s newest work, The Moon, will premiere next month as part of BalletX’s [...]

Olivia Wood

  • By Olivia Wood for The Dance Journal This past Sunday, October 20, 2019, Annielliele Gavino presented Patawali, an immersive evening performance, at the Asian Arts Initiative. The evening began in the downstairs gallery, where the guests could mingle and stroll amongst the art. After being led upstairs, Gavino invited the audience to partake in a traditional Filipino meal. With the tantalizing scent of fish, rice, spices, and flan wafting through the air, the feeling of [...]

Gina Palumbo

  • by Gina Palumbo for The Dance Journal | photo credit Ryan Collerd On September 21st, Darcy Lyons, director of Lyons & Tigers, brought Proceed with Caution to The Performance Garage for a second time at the Fringe Festival. With a clear vision and strong grip on the times, Lyons painted an honest picture of the current chaotic state of the country. Four dancers, each unique in voice and identity, equipped her with the tools necessary to describe [...]

Courtney Colón

  • by Courtney Colón for the Dance Journal Muted noises come from above-unseen footfalls shuffling across metal. Slowly, two figures enter my vision. Buried in layer upon layer of strips of fabric colored a violent red, they slink down a winding staircase, slightly obscured by a sheet of white-shimmered and flayed material that hangs between performers and the audience. At the bottom of the stairs, a sloughing off of the heavy red material; a shedding of [...]


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