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Steven Weisz

  • by Steven Weisz for The Dance Journal When can dance studios safely re-open in the greater Philadelphia area? When will the economy begin to recover? More importantly, when will we truly have the coronavirus under control? The unspoken truth, based on all reports, is not any time soon! Despite this harsh reality, Philadelphia and most of the suburban counties are now entering the Green phase for reopening.  Restrictions with regards to capacity and practice of [...]
  • by Steven Weisz for The Dance Journal | photo credit Art Imagined After much lobbying and pressure put on City Council by the Arts & Culture sector in Philadelphia, City Council in a late-night meeting on Zoom on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 has proposed the restoration of $1.35 million in funding split between the Philadelphia Cultural Fund (PCF)  and African American Museum. This new budget was moved forward by the Council without any further public [...]
  • Post-Pandemic
    By Steven Weisz for The Dance Journal As the economy begins to open back up, and more and more businesses attempt to re-launch, it is time to consider new ways (or old ones) that will allow dance to still be publicly presented.  However, before entertaining new ideas and models, we must consider how dancers can work and perform together safely given the ever-present Covid 19.  Dance companies and practitioners will need to develop a set [...]

Lew Whittington

  • by Lewis J Whittington for The Dance Journal The groundswell of solidarity across racial lines for the Black Lives Matter movement has galvanized the national push for police reform in the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd and other black men and women killed by police.  Even during a time of pandemic and near economic collapse, Americans are charged to confront what has plagued this country for 400 years – systemic racism. Indeed, [...]
  • by Lewis J Whittington for The Dance Journal On a frigid winter night in Philadelphia in 1993 at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, the dancers of the Pennsylvania Ballet launched the first or second (no one can remember) Shut Up & Dance benefit for MANNA, the organization that was delivering meals to people trying to survive HIV-AIDS. At the time, the dancers were grieving at yet another death of a colleague from a disease that had [...]
  • by Lewis J Whittington for The Dance Journal May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month but celebrations have been canceled because of social distancing and current stay-at-home restrictions. On top of all of the uncertainties, loss, and strife of dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak, Asian-American communities have had to contend with increasing incidents nationwide of harassment, violence, and racial hatred. In Philadelphia’s Chinatown district, even before the restrictions were in place in March, Asian restaurants were [...]

Jane Fries

  • by Jane Fries for The Dance Journal “We need to keep creating,” urged Christine Cox, Director of BalletX, in a Zoom panel discussion interspersed with the virtual premieres of four short dance films by the Philadelphia dance company. “We need to keep dancing.” BalletX was set to perform live at the Guggenheim museum in New York last Sunday as part of its Works and Process series. When the COVID-19 stay-at- home order was issued in [...]

Olivia Wood

  • by Olivia Wood for The Dance Journal | photo credit Mike Hurwitz I’ve never liked the term, “starving artist.” It implies failure, a lack of purpose, and disconnection. To me, calling someone who is pursuing a career as a performer a “starving artist,” is belittling to the artist and diminishes the value of the work. While it is true that the arts are not the most lucrative of pursuits, their value transcends words. During times [...]

Debra Danese

  • by Debra Danese for The Dance Journal The Virtual Tango Festival (VTF) was the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School’s response to the postponing of their 10th Anniversary Philly Tango Festival. The event, organized by Meredith Klein, the school’s director, has been held every Memorial Day Weekend, and this year’s virtual program was no different. A multitude of online events ran for four days on May 22-25, 2020. Activities included concerts, lectures, and classes ranging from meditation [...]

Amy Smith

  • You Are Not Alone
    by Amy Smith for The Dance Journal Dance artists, this is a terrible and uncertain time.  I believe that as artists we can play a role in imagining and creating new structures that are more equitable and humane.  Our arts community is practicing radical wealth redistribution with the many emergency grants and relief funds that have been created in recent weeks.  But for many dance artists, accessing those benefits, grants, and safety net programs will [...]

Courtney Colón

  • by Courtney Colón for The Dance Journal Around the world, a coronavirus culture has quickly materialized. Instinctive, inventive, bred from mass public fear and the endless tedium of quarantine, people are seeking out a connection in this time of social distancing. But what of fostering a stronger connection with our bodies, our own selves? As the pandemic timeline extends, it will continue to alter what events make up our everyday. Any daily ritual we have [...]

Nicole Bradbury

  • University of the Arts
    by Nicole Bradbury for The Dance Journal Preceding the spring of 2020, the question, “What are you going to do after school?” is something I heard often going into my last semester as a dance major at the University of the Arts. Even though a few opportunities lay ahead of me after graduation in May, I often would reply with, “I’m not entirely sure. I want to see what unfolds.” On March 6th of 2020, [...]

Gina Palumbo

  • Asya Zlatina
    by Gina Palumbo for The Dance Journal  | photo credit Rob Li March and April have been anything but smooth sailing, as COVID-19 continues its worst, threatening the livelihoods of working artists and dancers.  Yet, amidst all the suffering, a path to healing is beginning to evolve. While healthcare professionals are on the front lines with those who have been stricken by the virus, artists and dancers everywhere are banding together virtually to bring joy and [...]