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Lew Whittington

  • Matthew Neenan’s re-entering premieres

    by Lewis J Whittington for The Dance Journal “Dance…dance or we are lost” are the emphatic words from choreographer Pina Bausch inspiring dancers lost in the suspending fog of pandemic uncertainty and industry shutdown.  Finally, there is some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel as dancers and choreographers attempt to pick up where they left off, mentally and physically, and return to regular training, rehearsal cycles, and live performances. This shared experience is [...]

Isa Mojares

  • Op-Ed: On Water and Space

    by Isabella Mojares for The Dance Journal | photo credit: Emily Barton  “… the only real maturity is one in which the self is so small it disappears and so large it encompasses a great [...]

Debra Danese

  • PA Ballet Closes the Spring Season with Beauty

    By Debra Danese for The Dance Journal | Photo by Alexander Iziliaev PA Ballet’s 3rd and final installment of their Spring Series was a bright spot on an otherwise grey holiday weekend. Beauty is composed of three world premieres and set to the music of Philadelphia-based composer Jennifer Higdon. Choreographers Juliano Nunes, Meredith Rainey, and Russell Ducker created physically demanding works that affirmed the company’s renowned artistry is still intact, coming out of quarantine. Nunes’s Encounters [...]

Olivia Wood

  • by Olivia Wood for The Dance Journal Over the course of 2020, my dance practice took a dramatic new turn. Due to the terrible coronavirus pandemic, I, like every other dancer across the world, found myself transmuted. I went from dancing in beautiful, expansive studios to training in the studio apartment that I share with my boyfriend. While I gave every effort to make the best of things, dancing in such a constricted space was [...]

Jane Fries

  • KYL/D reimagines repertoire in live-streamed concert

    by Jane Fries for The Dance Journal The pandemic has forced dance companies to adapt to new performance realities. Some have made dance films shot in a wide variety of locations, while others have live-streamed more traditional stage performances – as was the case with the Philadelphia dance company Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers – materializing on our home screens direct from the Annenberg Center last Thursday, April 22. The dancers wore protective face masks, and the performance [...]

Edwina Thertulien

  • The Porch with nia love and Fred Moten offers a familiar place for much needed conversations

    by Edwina Thertulien for The Dance Journal On Thursday, March 25th, Leila Aisha Jones invited us to The Porch along with nia love and Fred Moten. The program first began with an opening segment, inviting us as the audience to close our eyes, breathe and acknowledge our presence at that moment. A video clip is then played, showing a soloist in a site-specific dance outdoors. As the video segment ends, we see Lela Aisha Jones, [...]




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