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Steven Weisz

  • Trump Bans All Public Dance Performances
    by Steven Weisz for The Dance Journal In what has yet to be one of the boldest new initiatives, President Trump has put forth a set of executive orders banning all public dance performances. Following the lead of John Bel Edwards, the 56th Governor of Louisiana, in which the state banned dancing to stem the outbreak of the “China virus”, it was decided that this is the most effective way to combat the continual re-occurring [...]

Lew Whittington

  • by Lewis J Whittington for The Dance Journal One of the breakouts hits of the 2020 Virtual Fringe is ‘Fun With Dick and Jane: working title’ a 40-minute film recorded in the FringeArts Sound Stage conceived and danced by Rhonda Moore and Ben Grinberg. It will be their first time partnering in what they set up as “a physical encounter between two bodies and two artists”, inspired by the kindergarten primer “Fun With Dick and [...]
  • by Lewis J Whittington for The Dance Journal Filmmaker David Gordon, a founding member of the legendary 60s dance collective at the Judson Church, established his own successful itinerant company for several years before leaving dance to become a filmmaker. He returns to the dance stage, virtually, for the 2020 Fringe Festival with a film remembrance of his dance past, and how choreography connects to a new generation of dancers at a most challenging time. [...]

Jane Fries

  • by Jane Fries for The Dance Journal A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, dancers performed on stages in front of live audiences. Now, seemingly eons later, they beam into our homes through computer screens – like Princess Leia materializing before our eyes via hologram. The five dancers in JCWK Dance Lab’s HOMEbody are garbed in white, evocative of sci-fi royalty themselves, and they burst into digital life like a group of [...]

Courtney Colón

  • by Courtney Colón for The Dance Journal With theaters closed, dance movers and makers are doing what artists have done in perpetuity-adapting. Quick and sudden was the exodus from stage performance to online platforms. Major companies, like New York City Ballet, are fully digitizing their Fall/Winter seasons. Merce Cunningham, who began using technology to choreograph in the nineties, is enjoying a popularity resurgence. And in Philadelphia, art-makers involved in this year’s Fringe Festival are demonstrating [...]

Gina Palumbo

  • by Gina Palumbo for The Dance Journal On Friday, September 11 t h, percussive legend Jaye Allison presented a film for the Fringe Festival, and she answered the questions that artists hold in their hearts.  She also told us how dance deliberately and without apology, seeped into her life. The process of creating dance and the courage needed to bring work out of the walls of the rehearsal room and to the stage were documented. [...]
  • Dawn States Company
    by Gina Palumbo for The Dance Journal Dawn States Company began its run of the film Healing Connections for the Fringe Festival on Thursday, September 10th. I had the following day off from my 9-5, and I spent it wisely tuning in. There were two versions of the film offered, one with the performance as it would be seen on stage, and the second with audio description. As musician Izzy Kaufman played music that sounded [...]

Debra Danese

  • Casual Fifth Drums Up Success with Taiko and Dance
    By Debra Danese for The Dance Journal The announcement of the 2020 Fringe Festival roster brought optimism to arts enthusiasts who have been longing for the return of programming. The festival kicked off on September 10th with possibilities for both virtual and in-person viewing. Although I prefer to attend live events, I appreciate the accessibility that online options offer. My first jump into the festival was the pre-recorded presentation by Casual Fifth Taiko and Dance. [...]

Winfield Maben

  • Digital Dissolving Doors

    Manipulating Digital Landscapes: Digital Dissolving Doors

    by Winfield Maben for The Dance Journal The performing arts have been uniquely affected by the ongoing pandemic as not only are in-person performances essentially halted for the foreseeable future, but rehearsals too have been made nearly impossible given the close physical proximity many performers require to get the most out of the rehearsal process. Where digital classes over Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, and more have filled the gap when it comes to physically engaging in [...]