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Lew Whittington

  • by Lewis J Whittington for The Dance Journal The Coronavirus outbreak poses no less than an existential crisis for the performing arts with devastating implications for Philadelphia’s dance industry, schools, and community.  The current shutdown of all theaters and studios has left companies, large and small, trying to come up with realistic contingency plans to ride out the crisis and pick up the pieces when it is over. Dance is perpetually the orphan of the [...]
  • by Lewis J Whittington for The Dance Journal After weeks of alarming news about the spread of Covid-19, cases started to be reported in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  As of March 16th, the Pennsylvania Department of Health is reporting 63 cases in the state with 9 confirmed cases in Philadelphia. Other suspected cases are currently being tracked. An inevitable rise in people carrying the virus is putting restrictions on all public events to [...]

Amy Smith

  • You Are Not Alone
    by Amy Smith for The Dance Journal Dance artists, this is a terrible and uncertain time.  I believe that as artists we can play a role in imagining and creating new structures that are more equitable and humane.  Our arts community is practicing radical wealth redistribution with the many emergency grants and relief funds that have been created in recent weeks.  But for many dance artists, accessing those benefits, grants, and safety net programs will [...]

Steven Weisz

  • free classes
    by Steven Weisz for The Dance Journal Let me begin this editorial by stating that I have a whole range of mixed feelings in writing this piece. This is not meant to provide any answers or clear path but rather to begin a discussion, one that is worth having given the current state of self-quarantine and our new “virtual interactions”. The Philadelphia dance community and the arts, in general, have been very quick to adapt [...]
  • by Steven Weisz for The Dance Journal As new policies begin to emerge to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, so too are strategies being offered to solve the accompanying economic crisis. This week, President Trump proposed sending a $1000 check to every American to help arrest the current “panic”. However, this amount of funds, while perhaps helpful for an immediate emergency, will do little to preserve jobs or assist those who are self-employed or work in [...]

Courtney Colón

  • by Courtney Colón for The Dance Journal Around the world, a coronavirus culture has quickly materialized. Instinctive, inventive, bred from mass public fear and the endless tedium of quarantine, people are seeking out a connection in this time of social distancing. But what of fostering a stronger connection with our bodies, our own selves? As the pandemic timeline extends, it will continue to alter what events make up our everyday. Any daily ritual we have [...]

Debra Danese

  • by Debra Danese for The Dance Journal When Gov. Tom Wolf mandated a two-week, state-wide closure for all kindergarten-12 schools, local dance studios followed suit. A bit daunting, but a necessary response to the COVID19 outbreak. When two weeks extended to indefinitely, studio owners had to make some immediate decisions regarding the operations of their dance schools. While some chose to close-shop for the season, others sought options to continue training dancers and employing faculty. [...]

Pallabi Chakravorty

  • by Pallabi Chakravorty for The Dance Journal | photo credit Alexander Iziliaev Pennsylvania Ballet’s La Bayadère has faced some strong criticism, including a petition that went around even before it premiered demanding for it to be shut down for perpetuating orientalism and racism.  I was scheduled to see the ballet this weekend but Coronavirus, instead of the petitioners, shut it down.  Since I was one of the consultants for the show whose name was mentioned [...]

Winfield Maben

  • by Winfield Maben for The Dance Journal On Thursday, March 12 Munu Munu, a collaboration between New Chamber Ballet and Variant 6, premiered at The Performance Garage. The work not only investigated the relationship between music and movement with Variant 6 providing live accompaniment for the dancers but also sought to disrupt the traditional confines of performance by placing itself “in the round” with no section of audience explicitly defined as the “front”. The result [...]

Harlee Trautman

  • by Harlee Trautman for The Dance Journal On Saturday, February 29, 2020 SteelStacks at ArtsQuest presented Leap Love Dance by Carolyn Dorfman Dance.  The Furnace Room at SteelStacks in Bethlehem, PA is a second floor venue with an upstage wall made entirely of uncovered glass windows.  The backdrop of this performance was the industrial architecture of the century old Bethlehem Steel plant which brings with it a rich history and aesthetic. Leap Love Dance consisted [...]

Nicole Bradbury

  • By Nicole Bradbury for The Dance Journal Upon walking into The Art Room Studio on the evening of March 9, 2020, it was difficult to ignore the large drum set. It’s looming appearance in the periphery of the classroom, turned studio space, signaled to the audience that they would witness instrument and the body for this round of the Studio Works performance series presented by Leah Stein Dance Company. The night’s line up consisted of [...]

Jane Fries

  • by Jane Fries for The Dance Journal | photo by Jano Cohen Philadelphia Dance Projects presented local dance artists Megan Mazarick and Marion Ramirez in conjunction with its Dance Up Close series on Wednesday and Thursday last week (February 26 and 27, 2020) at Christ Church Neighborhood House. A lively and sonically rousing evening, the program was the perfect foil to the “mid-winter/mid-week blues.” Marion Ramirez presented a winning and sensitive cross-cultural collaboration with fellow [...]

Gina Palumbo

  • by Gina Palumbo for The Dance Journal On Saturday, February 15th, Temple University’s Department of Dance held its MFA Thesis Concert IV, Paper, Bones & Sand: Journeys & Conversations. The evening featured works from students Matthew Olwell, Dawn States and Ying Yu. Judging by the amount of research and collaboration involved, these works were passion projects for each student. As an audience, there is no way of knowing the entirety of the work, and how [...]