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The Philadelphia Dance Community Email Distribution List (“the List”) is intended to facilitate communication, networking, and information sharing within the Philadelphia dance community.
Subscription to the List is open to individuals and organizations actively involved in the Philadelphia dance community, including artists, choreographers, educators, administrators, and enthusiasts.

Messages are collected and disseminated ONCE A WEEK. Access to the list (posting and receiving) is restricted to registered members only. hereby asserts its prerogative to decline the posting of any message at its discretion, with no obligation to provide prior notification or rationale for such decision.


  • All communications sent via the List must adhere to principles of respect, professionalism, and courtesy. Harassment, discrimination, hate speech, or any other form of inappropriate behavior is strictly prohibited.
  • Messages distributed through the List should be relevant to the Philadelphia dance community, including but not limited to announcements of performances, auditions, workshops, classes, job opportunities, funding opportunities, and discussions related to dance practice and advocacy.
  • Commercial Solicitation Prohibited: While limited promotional content related to dance events, products, or services is permitted, excessive or repetitive commercial solicitation is discouraged. Any commercial messages must be directly relevant to the Philadelphia dance community and adhere to applicable laws and regulations.
  • Copyright Compliance: Users are responsible for ensuring that any content they share via the List complies with copyright laws and regulations. Users should not distribute copyrighted material without proper authorization or attribution.
  • Privacy: Users must respect the privacy of others and refrain from sharing personal contact information or sensitive data without consent.
  • Moderation: The List may be moderated to ensure compliance with these rules. Moderators reserve the right to remove or reject messages that violate these rules or are otherwise deemed inappropriate.
  • Dispute Resolution: Any disputes or concerns regarding the use of the List should be addressed to the moderators for resolution. Users are expected to cooperate with moderators and adhere to their decisions.
  • Amendments: These rules may be amended or updated as needed to ensure the effective and respectful use of the List. Users will be notified of any changes, and continued use of the List implies acceptance of the revised rules.

By subscribing to the Philadelphia Dance Community Email Distribution List, users agree to abide by these rules and guidelines. Violation of these rules may result in suspension or termination of List privileges.
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