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We Offer A wide range of services Designed To Promote Dance & The Arts In Philadelphia

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Dance Calendars maintains three separate dance calendars to promote dance in the region. All of the calendars are public for viewing and listings can be freely created by anyone in the dance community/

Dance Performances

Dance Classes

Tango Events


In 2006, established The Dance Journal to encourage writing on dance in the region as arts coverage in major publications began to wain, The primary goal of The Dance Journal is to develop new audiences for dance, strengthen existing ones, and provide a flow of information on key topics such as education and advocacy that effect dance and the performing arts.

THIS WEEK IN DANCE publishes a FREE weekly eNewsletter highlighting upcoming performances, dance class offerings and dance news. The subscription base has grown to more than 19,000 readers.

SHARP Dance Company
Dancefusion/Gwendolyn Bye


THE DANCE JOB BOARD established the Dance Job Board where potential employers could search for candidates by posting upcoming auditions, job offers, showcases and teaching positions. Jobs posted on our site are also shared across our network and social media to maximize reach. In addition, dancers can create a free account and post their resume for even more exposure in the job market. 


The dance directory is an online guide to area dance companies, dance schools and studios, dance organizations, venues and rental spaces, health and fitness services for dancers, dance colleges and universities, videographers and photographers, dance apparel and equipment, and freelancers.  Even for those with existing websites and a social media presence, the directory helps to extend their reach to the public across the internet.

Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet Company

ADVOCACY has worked with a variety of arts and nonprofit sectors to advocate for the development and implementation of policies and fiscal budgets that strengthen the ability of the dance, arts and cultural communities to thrive in the Philadelphia region. We also acknowledge the cultural and financial inequities in the dance community and strive to create positive change so that BIPOC, Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+, and AAPI individuals  can to be respected, and preserved in the collective consciousness of cultural institutions of all people.

Philly Sirens Dance Company - 50 Shades of Dance