Mira Treatman and Irina Varina’s Rejected Thoughts at SolowFest

Mira Treatman
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Dance-theatre makers Mira Treatman and Irina Varina’s “Rejected Thoughts” will debut in Philadelphia’s SoLow Fest on June 22, 24 and 25 at a private residence in South Philly.

As friends and collaborators, Mira Treatman and Irina Varina have worked closely to hold space for each other to share their thoughts freely. They talked, danced, laughed, drunk tea (ginger and peppermint) and ate a lot of cookies. What emerged are dance-theater investigations on what is hot their world right now, what they think about the past, and what is rejected. Personal and universal, “Rejected Thoughts” is created and performed by two women. Expect: babushkas; a dance routine with swan arms; Mira’s reading from a play she wrote at age 15; Irina’s waiting for somebody to open 10,000 doors.

Mira Treatman and Irina Varina first met and began collaborating while studying hybrid performance-making at Headlong Performance Institute. Prior to their collaboration, Irina created and acted in over a dozen of short films. In her work she seeks to convey life experiences that are sometimes hard to put into words or seem too shameful. Mira has created dance-theatre works performed at the Sandy Spring Museum and Goldilocks Gallery. She is interested in structure and comedy.


Rejected Thoughts
By Mira Treatman and Irina Varina at SoLow Fest
June 22, 24 and 25 at 7 pm
Tickets: please contact miraitreatman@gmail.com to reserve tickets.
There will be a cat in the house at all of the performances.

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