How do I get an account?
Accounts are free to any dance company, school, studio, or dance-related service in the Greater Philadelphia Region (all 5 counties) and Lehigh Valley. Create your account by clicking on the link in the main menu. Fill out the form and submit. You will then be sent an email to confirm your registration. You need to click on the link in that email to activate your account. NOT SEEING THE ACTIVATION EMAIL – CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. Once activated you can log in and create your listing. Please note all new registrations are monitored and if they do not meet our criteria will be deleted.

How do I create a new listing?
First, log in to your account (if you have not created one yet, see above instructions). Once logged in to your account, simply click on Add A Listing in the main menu at the top of the page. You will be taken to a form to add your information. When done you can either submit or preview. If you choose to preview be sure to submit when completed. Listings can take 24-48 hours to appear as they are moderated for accuracy.

How do I edit my listing?
Login to your account. On the right side of your screen in the red toolbar click on My Account –> Profile. Once on your profile page, scroll down to Places. Your published listing will be there. Click on the edit button. When done editing, be sure to submit to save changes.

Can My Listing Have More Than One Category?
Yes! When selecting your categories, hold down the shift key to select more than one.

What is the best size for the top image on my listing?
The main listing image at the top of the page is 1900px wide by 475px high and should be no more than 72dpi. Any image of a smaller size will simply automatically resize to fit this space so you want to keep the aspect ratio at 4:1

How do I add a video to my listing?
Your video needs to be on either YouTube or Vimeo first. Either service provides a share button. Click on the share button and select the embed code. Copy and paste this code into the video field on your listing submission.

Can I post my shows and classes here?
Nope. This is a basic directory about your company, studio, service, or organization. Classes and performances should be posted to either the Dance Calendar or The Dance Class Calendar.