Happening in Philly Dance

Bryn Mawr College Performing Arts Series Presents Abby Z and the New Utility, Dec 7-8

The Bryn Mawr College Performing Arts Series will present Abby Z and the New Utility’s abandoned playground, Friday and Saturday, Dec. 7-8, at 8 p.m. in the Hepburn Teaching Theater in Goodhart Hall. Inside the intimate stadium setup of this work, nine dancers rip […]

Happening in Philly Dance

Choreographers on Campus Showcases Helen Simoneau Danse, Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet & Raphael Xavier, November 18th

At college venues across the Lehigh Valley, the Choreographers on Campus initiative led by Lafayette has incubated artistic collaboration and creation among the most vital voices in contemporary dance. On Friday, November 18th at 8:00pm […]

Happening in Philly Dance

The Ultimate Guide to Dance at FringeArts 2016

by Steven Weisz for The Dance Journal The Fringe Festival, presented by FringeArts, is a 17-day, city-wide celebration of innovation and creativity in contemporary performance. Each September, the Festival explodes into every nook and cranny […]

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Breaking Down Breaking

Before we begin, let’s remove the word “breakdancing” from our vocabularies. According to practitioners and enthusiasts of the art form, the term is an ignorant one, rooted in the media’s exploitative representation of the style. It is thick with commercial connotations and an air commodification. So, trade breakdancing for “breaking,” “b-boying,” or “b-girling” instead. The…

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