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Meg Foley Talks and Dances Grief in the Fringe

September 4, 2018 Kat Richter 0

by Kat Richter for The Dance Journal Philadelphia dance artist Meg Foley has earned herself a well-deserved reputation for introspective work—both danced and spoken— that somehow transcends her own highly personal performance practice to draw […]

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What’s Going On Underneath: Meg Foley on The undergird

August 14, 2018 Christopher Munden 0

“The goal is to touch without touching—like really feel and be moved to tears among this long landscape of talking about what our bodies are doing, what we imagine they could do, and about death/loss/grief.” Meg Foley For the last seven years Meg Foley has been experimenting and and refining her improvisational performance practice, “action…

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Gregory King

Meg Foley’s Action is Primary: #315

April 13, 2016 Gregory King 0

photo credit: Lindsay Browning by Gregory King for The Dance Journal The subtext of  Meg Foley’s Action is Primary, is that in order for one to affect change, engaging in mobilization is of chief importance. […]

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