Happening in Philly Dance

Jérôme Bel’s Gala returns for one night only, March 9th

February 24, 2018 Press Release 0

FringeArts presents Gala, a transcendent dance spectacle that eschews virtuosity and celebrates dancing without complexes. After a rapturous reception during the 2016 Fringe Festival, the local cast reunites for a belated encore at FringeArts’ waterfront headquarters—140 N Columbus Blvd. (at […]

Lew's Danceland

fidget’s quantum dance leaps with sp3

February 4, 2018 Lewis J. Whittington 0

by Lewis J Whittington for The Dance Journal | photo by Bill Hebert Megan Bridge is one of Philadelphia’s most adventurous improvisational dancer-choreographers and her premiere of  “sp3” co-directed by composer Peter Price shows is something […]

Happening in Philly Dance

FringeArts presents Clock That Mug or Dusted, Feb. 22-24

January 26, 2018 Press Release 0

FringeArts presents Clock That Mug or Dusted, a conceptual and inspirational homage to feminist performance artists from esteemed contemporary bio-fem drag icon Cherdonna Shinatra. This quite literally messy mesh of contemporary dance and performance art comes to FringeArts’ […]

Vantage Pointe - Jane Fries

Review: Rosas plunges into A Love Supreme

September 27, 2017 Jane Fries 0

by Jane Fries for The Dance Journal The dance begins in silence. Four male dancers walk on stage in dim lighting. Dressed in black and dark blue casual clothing, they look as though they might […]

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Making Art in 2017: Annie-B Parson on 17c

August 20, 2017 hugh 0

Name: Annie-B Parson Company: Big Dance Theater Show in 2017 Festival: 17c Role in Show: Co-Creator, Co-Director, Choreographer Past Festival shows: Plan B (2004) FringeArts: Tell us a bit about your show. Where did the concept develop from? What are some questions you are tackling? Annie-B Parson: This piece is primarily an interrogation and a rendering of…

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Voice + Body: Interview with Michael Kiley

August 1, 2017 Josh 0

Sound designer, composer, and performer Michael Kiley makes music that is enticing and beautiful in its complexity, called “dramatic and beguiling” by The New York Times., Kiley is no stranger to using technology to synthesize new sounds and rhythms—in Close Music for Bodies, however, he aims to do just the opposite. Instead, the show (coming…

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