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Bill Hebert's Behind The Lens

Photo composition, timing and style

October 22, 2012 Bill Hebert 0

A good portion of what I do as a performance photographer has a lot to do with timing and anticipation. Not coming from a performance background it has been watching and photographing various styles of […]

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Bill Hebert's Behind The Lens

POD serves up some Mixed Drinks

October 14, 2012 Bill Hebert 2

POD (Point of Departure) served up an awesome show over the weekend “Mixed Drinks” pairing 30 different choreographers with a composer.  The extra twists were each choreographer didn’t receive their music till the evening before, […]

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What Kat Saw

Review: Point of Departure

October 7, 2012 Steven Weisz 0

By Kat Richter for The Dance Journal Friday night’s performance at the Christ Church Neighborhood House was the first in a three week series produced by Melanie Stewart Dance Theater.  Although the evening featured new […]

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Lew's Danceland

Dance labs and academic vamping

June 18, 2012 Lewis J. Whittington 0

REVIEW: Philadelphia Dances (Selected works) Arts Bank, June 16, 2012 by Lewis Whittington for The Dance Journal Photos by Bill Hebert The choreographers who presented work in Philadelphia Dances at the Arts Bank, are all […]

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