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Social Acrobatics Turn Physical in Tangle Movement Arts’s Break/Drift/Resist

Experience the throes of social acrobatics as interpreted by a the close-knit band of intensely physical artists of at at the intersection of dance, theater, music, and circus arts, as Tangle Movement Arts returns to 2013 Fringe Festival with Break/Drift/Resist. Tangle Movement Arts transcribes transcribes the diverse challenges posed by everyday engagements into a dense… Read more » […]

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Happening in Philly Dance

Tangle presents Break-Drift-Resist

Tangle Movement Arts presents Break/Drift/Resist, a dynamic circus-theater show from Philadelphia’s innovative aerial artists. Seven women climb ropes, spark chain reactions, catch each other, swing, slide, and crash. Tangle’s aerial acrobats ricochet from floor to […]