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Lovertits: Interview with Neighborhood Fringe artist Annie Wilson

September 17, 2014 Nick Gilewicz 0

“Multiple climaxes, drifting off, getting exciting again, plateau-ing out, calming down, another climax, some snuggling.” In a performance she describes as a “burlesque-postmodern-dance-theater-bad-improv,” Annie Wilson explores our societal views on sex and the real, messy, embodied sex that humans actually have. Lovertits will run at the Ruba Club (416 Green St) from Sept 19 to… […]

Partner Publication - FringeArts

Remix Festival: Dance Reimagined

April 15, 2014 Josh 0

What happens when you combine Philadelphia choreographers with dance makers from across the country, give them less than 10 hours to remix and recreate each other’s works, and ask them to show their creations? We’re about to find out. The Remix Festival, curated by Annie Wilson and Susan Rethorst, is inspired by Susan’s choreographic technique… Read more » […]

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Lew's Danceland

Modern dance DNA is Childs’ play

October 8, 2013 Lewis J. Whittington 1

by Lewis Whittington for The Dance Journal When Mikhail Baryshnikov staged restorations of the Judson Church dance collective to Philly ten years ago, a chunk of the audience stick around for the whole performance. The […]

Happening in Philly Dance

Your Dance Card for SoLow Festival

June 21, 2013 Steven Weisz 0

by Steven Weisz for The Dance Journal 4th Annual SoLow Festival takes over Philadelphia from  June 20th through June 30th. The festival is dedicated to new, experimental work focusing on solo performance with low-maintenance and […]

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