Editorial Policies

At The Dance Journal, we envision an increasingly dance-educated and dance-literate general public that is engaged with and able to fully appreciate the range of expressions of Philadelphia’s dance art and practice, valuing its cultural impact and recognizing its contribution to the richness of its audience’s life. The Dance Journal aims to publish innovative and challenging content on dance and dance related issues as well as the dance artists’ and thinkers’ vision of their art and of the world in general.

The writings published in the The Dance Journal are to be guided by principles of independence, integrity and rigour. The Dance Journal is a site for thought and debate. We strive to be impartial not adhering to any ideology. Any particular article will embody the views of its author but will not necessarily represent the view of The Dance Journal or the individual editors/staff of The Dance Journal. Independence and responsibility are inseparable. We will do our best to ensure that editorial decisions are not improperly influenced by political, sectional, commercial or personal interests.

The Dance Journal publishes features, profiles, interviews, essays, columns, news, reviews, perspectives, reports and photo essays in a variety of lengths and formats both in print and online. The publication invites the expression of diverse opinions and perspectives, including performance critiques. Submissions from Philadelphia contributors take priority. Content focuses on Philadelphia based dance artists, art, culture or practice. Submission does not guarantee publication.

The Dance Journal is committed to inclusiveness – representing diverse dance communities and a broad range of dance styles and practices in the greater Philadelphia region. The publication presents content – from critical discourse to human interest stories – in articulate and accessible language in order to reach the broadest possible dance-interested readership and to make connections and build bridges between professionals, participants, amateurs and the general public.

Innovation involves a willingness to take risks, invent and experiment with new ideas. This can sometimes result in challenging content which may offend some of the audience some of the time. The Dance Journal acknowledges that it never gratuitously seeks to harm or offend, but yet rigorously maintains our writers and reviewers right to freedom of speech, especially with regards to reviews or editorial posts. When necessary, retraction of articles will be done according to COPE retraction guidelines.

The editor reserves the right to determine what material is published and to edit, as needed, all material submitted for publication. The editor also reserves the right to submit articles to an editorial advisory board before publication. All submissions must be signed. Articles whose underlying purpose is to be libelous or defamatory will not be published. The opinions of the columnists are not necessarily those of The Dance Journal or its parent organization, PhiladelphiaDANCE.org.