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Rosas dances Coltrane: Interview with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker + Salva Sanchis

“For dancers, improvising should be the norm rather than the exception.” Choreographers Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Salva Sanchis bring their full evening dance work A Love Supreme to the 2017 Fringe Festival. Four dancers surrender themselves to John Coltrane’s spiritual ode to divine love, his 1965 jazz masterpiece A Love Supreme. The album was revolutionary for its…

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Voice + Body: Interview with Michael Kiley

Sound designer, composer, and performer Michael Kiley makes music that is enticing and beautiful in its complexity, called “dramatic and beguiling” by The New York Times., Kiley is no stranger to using technology to synthesize new sounds and rhythms—in Close Music for Bodies, however, he aims to do just the opposite. Instead, the show (coming…

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Big Dance Theater takes on Samuel Pepys: Interview with Annie-B Parson

“In the last few years, what has become important is the uncensored rendering of his bullying, his shame around his behavior and yet his complete lack of awareness of the violence of his actions.” From Mark Twain to Euripides, Big Dance Theater is well known for their innovative and unexpected ways of using of literary…

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Rare Opportunity to Take Gaga Workshop and Classes

A three-day Gaga Workshop, which includes a class and repertoire, open to professional dancers and dance students ages 16-and-older, is coming to the Performance Garage (1515 Brandywine Street) in Philadelphia, August 2–4. There will also be Open Gaga People Classes those three days, which are open to the general public (16-and-older), without the necessity of…

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Getting to know you: Interview with Gabrielle Revlock

“I think the intimacy comes from having to be really attuned to each other. I can’t space out or go off on my own. I’m constantly thinking about where he is and what he’s doing and how he might respond. There is an alertness.” This weekend, March 24–26, Gabrielle Revlock brings her new dance work…

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A New Book To Help Artists Live Better, Smarter

“I wrote the book that I wanted to read. This is the book I wish someone had given me twenty years ago.” Are you an artist in Philadelphia, thinking, How the hell does this work? There’s a new book in town for artists to help get themselves to live a more fruitful artistic life and career and it’s FREE… Read more » […]

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Putting the Value on the Art of Performing Arts

It is time to start placing more value on the “art” part of performing arts. When it comes to dance and theater and all the multidisciplinary performance hybrids, the support for performing arts organizations and artists, of all sizes, pales in comparison to the type of funding that art museums, for example, obtain. Art museums,… Read more » […]

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Remix Festival: Dance Reimagined

What happens when you combine Philadelphia choreographers with dance makers from across the country, give them less than 10 hours to remix and recreate each other’s works, and ask them to show their creations? We’re about to find out. The Remix Festival, curated by Annie Wilson and Susan Rethorst, is inspired by Susan’s choreographic technique… Read more » […]

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The Dance Apocalypse: Gabrielle and Nicole do whatever it takes

On Monday, April 7 at 7pm, Gabrielle Revlock and Nicole Bindler will unleash The Dance Apocalypse at FringeArts. Part of the FringeArts Scratch Night series, it’s a free show! (But you need to RSVP.) They describe it as “a genre-defying creative collaboration about two female artists in a spectacle-driven world” and a “heart wrenching end-of-the-world… Read more » […]

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Tangle Movement Arts brings new circus arts show to Christ Church

“I love the chance to have a dozen women perform on stage together, with different body types, gender presentations, and personal styles, and illuminate their individual stories and their interactions.” Circus arts has taken root in Philadelphia over the past several years, with a number of artists and companies opening up creative approaches that push… Read more » […]