Dreamscape Haven

Dreamscape Haven – A Curated Space For Abundant Relaxation

Womb: The Black Wealth Project is an interdisciplinary multimedia project that involves dance, digital media, the Pearlstein Gallery, the Writer’s Room, and students from West Philadelphia High School. The project is led by artist and Rankin Scholar, Maria Bauman and is hosted by Drexel University. This immersive, interdisciplinary project seeks to cultivate a safe space specifically geared towards members of the black African diaspora to indulge in comfort and relaxation. 

Upon entering the space, guests were greeted by Maria Bauman, who welcomed them with a selection of comforting hot teas with date syrup. A letter from “our ancestors” was also offered as a way to connect guests to their birthright of abundance. The letter expresses the ancestors’ exuberant joy at watching their descendants thrive from “the great black beyond.” An open free writing session is offered before immersing into the experience, as a method of grounding ourselves into the space and releasing any thoughts that may be distracting from being fully present.

Upon entering the main space of the installation, guests are greeted by hand-made cloth curtains in various shades of bright red, blue, yellow, and green. The curtains are accented with stacked sets of large hole barrel wooden loose beads on the bottom of each curtain. Maria is elated and describes the inspiration behind these curtains as an ode to classic childhood braided hairstyles. As a young girl herself, she was always amazed by the beauty of intricate braided styles on other Black children. She remembers perfectly the sound of the beads hitting together from movement, making a “clacking” sound. She affectionately calls the curtains “the clackers.”

Continuing into the full space, guests enter a large dimly lit room with all kinds of seating arrangements – couches, loveseats and chairs. The walls are decorated with stunning projections of atmospheric dark and light shades of blue. The blue light projections are accented by billowing spheric shapes of both a dark grey-green and a light pale white with grass green notes. End tables accompany the seating arrangements filled with a myriad of reading selections meant to inspire and uplift including “Creative Quest” by Questlove. After leisurely enjoying some light reading while sipping warm chamomile tea, guests are invited to enjoy the passive relaxation and meditation room.

The meditation room is comprised of a smaller, dimly lit alcove adjacent to the main space. It features various fresh green plants, more reading books, and very comfortable large bean bag chairs and mattresses with blankets. The sound of a heartbeat is the background music for the space. The wall is adorned with large three-dimensional clouds that show lightning bubbling beneath them in striking blue and pink tones. This space is dedicated to experiencing deep relaxation, meditation, self-reflection, and even catching up on some overdue sleep. In the center of the space, there is an altar adorned with various crystals and journals with pens meant for reflecting on the time spent in relaxation. Guests are invited to add their submissions and read through the journals to enjoy positive affirmations left behind by others who have previously visited the installation.

The final stage of the exhibition was an interactive visual art projection displaying a small stump of a tree against a night sky. Guests were invited to speak into a microphone to record their personal affirmation guided by the experience they had. After recording a voice note, the recording was played aloud, prompting the stump of the tree to grow. As affirmations continued to record and play aloud, guests could see the tree expanding into the shape of a female silhouette. The purpose was to remind guests that their voice helps plant seeds into their descendants that will set the foundation for prosperous growth. The conclusion of the installation offered donations of various items to guests, including new pots and pans, toilet paper, fresh whole coconuts, different crystals, baby diapers, and more.

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