Jessica C. Warchal-King

Art imitates life in Music and Dance with Jessica C. Warchal-King & Dr. Mara Parker in Orbit, March 23

Cellist and Professor of Musicology at Widener University, Dr. Mara Parker and choreographer Jessica C. Warchal-King join creative forces for Orbit: A performance of music and dance on Thursday, March 23, 2023 at 4pm in Widener University’s Kapelski Learning Center, LC1. The performance is free and open to the public.

“The title of the event is significant because Dr. Mara and I have been orbiting in each other’s circles for over a decade,” says Warchal-King. “The music selections are layered with elements of our own stories. Each time we rehearse is a joy because we learn something new about each other and about the work. Dr. Parker is a mentor and friend and I’m so grateful to be sharing this collaboration with her.”

Parker will perform four cello solos: Orbit by Phillip Glass, Suite No. 1 by J.S. Bach, Fancy on a Bach Air by John Corigalino, and Passacaglia by Heinrich Biber. Warchal-King will dance to each of the selections.

The movement for the Cello Suite draws from the elegance and flirtation of Baroque court dances, modern dance and ballet techniques, and the personal narratives of Parker and Warchal-King.

Parker reflects, “I have long admired Jessica’s artistry and thoroughly enjoyed previous collaborations when we worked with our students.  This particular adventure, however, took us down a totally different path – one of discovery.  Working with Jessica is an honor.  She has completely changed how I view these musical works.”

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