Philadelphia Ballet Forward Motion

Philadelphia Ballet Presents Forward Motion, February 3 – 11

The Philadelphia Ballet kicks off 2023 with “Forward Motion,” which will run from February 3rd to 11th in the Perelman Theater. In the continuation of the highly-popular New Works series, three renowned choreographers have been commissioned to conceptualize new works for the stage.

This program features world premieres from recipient of the Danza Award for Best Choreography Andonis Foniadakis, Hope Boykin acclaimed Bessie Award Winner and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater member, and our Resident Choreographer Juliano Nunes.

The program will showcase the athleticism and artistry of the Philadelphia Ballet dancers as they perform a diverse range of styles and techniques.

Hope Boykin’s ENdure explores when we find ourselves pushed to our limits. Physically and emotionally the stress and strains do not stop, but we press on. Forced to fall in line, keep up with standards, suffering patiently, waiting, and anticipating for a future we can see but cannot touch—we endure. We endure because we must. We endure because we are called to something; our gifts, our talents, our dreams and goals rule our hearts. We endure through the loneliness, the trials, and heaviness because our path is clear, nothing else will do. Our steps are ordered in such a way that no matter the stumbling block, we will ENdure.
With Andonis Foniadakis’ Circumstellars, human relationships are at the center of the work. We create actions that determine our energy and emotions through accidental or predetermined contacts. A landscape then is formed that becomes, for the specified moment, a familiar place, a shared experience, and results in a standard memory and imprint. Inspired by the idea that materials within each Circumstellar can potentially create new stars, Foniadakis dived into a creation process letting himself into the vortex of the specific moment. He interacted with the company’s dancers using their technical abilities while, at the same time, he searched to provoke new reactions and sensations around it. Under the thrilling composition of Julien Tarride, Foniadakis created a circular and inexhaustible energetic choreography in need of forming a unique world that captures my union with the energy and artistry of Philadelphia Ballet.
Juliano Nunes’ PS  –  A laboratory. The classical ballet that jostles us all to the ecstasy of physical and imaginative ability. A one-way ticket into confused bliss followed by the epilogue. PS postscript.

Philadelphia Ballet is proud to present this program of contemporary ballets that pushes the boundaries of the art form, and showcases the exceptional talents of the company’s dancers.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit the Philadelphia Ballet website at or call 215-893-1999.

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