Usiloquy Dance Designs Presents Philadholphia, Nov 12

Echoing the invigorating Diwali event at Cherry Street Pier in November 2021, Usiloquy Dance Designs returns to the Riverwards with Philadholphia, a celebration of South Asian music and dance. Usiloquy’s dancers will perform Chaat based upon Indian dance form Bharatanatyam and present Rini’s Indian Electronica and Art Rock music. The two show runs will be followed by a moderated artist interaction session, with the evening show including a snack sampling.

‘Dhol’ in multiple South Asian languages is a barrel-shaped, double-sided drum. The heart thumping rhythm of the dhol is a public invitation to partake in festive performances. Inspired by the myriad textures and flavors of the namesake streetside snack, Chaat is Usiloquy’s original contemporary work consisting of solos, duets, and ensemble pieces. The varied elements that go into the making of a Chaat dish serve as metaphors on stage for the commonality of human experiences while emphasizing the distinct nuances of a subculture and its people. Choreographed by Artistic Director Shaily Dadiala, Chaat premiered at the Painted Bride Art Center in 2009. This is a complete remount with a smattering of new aesthetics.

Shifting South Asian classical elements toward pop and jazz sensibilities, New Jersey based, Chennai born singer, composer, and violinist Harini ‘Rini’ Raghavan creates her own version of Indian electronica.“The parallel between how Rini multifariously implements her classical Indian music foundation and my choreographic itch to weave Bharatanatyam vocabulary with multiple modalities is striking.” says Usiloquy’s Director and choreographer Shaily Dadiala.

Harini draws from her formal training in Carnatic music and work at Berklee College of Music to bring together sounds of her birthplace in India and her home in the US. She leads a group of acclaimed musicians of different genres that add their unique influences to create a contemporary soundscape. 

Usiloquy Dance Designs creates traditional and contemporary cross-cultural works rooted in the vocabulary of Indian classical dance Bharatanatyam. Founded in 2008 by Artistic Director Shaily Dadiala, an immigrant from India, Usiloquy applies Bharatanatyam as a choreographic language telling universal stories, exploring the lesser-known cultural aspects of diasporas and communities.

Usiloquy Dance Designs

Saturday, November 12 at 2pm & 6pm
FringeArts Auditorium 140 N. Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia
TICKETS: $5-$25

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