Mascher’s Fresh Juice Returns June 17 & 18

Now in its 15th year, Mascher Space Cooperative’s Fresh Juice showcases artists-in-residence as they perform new, and in-progress works that have been developed over the past year. Plus, freshly squeezed fruit juice!

The two-night event will be held on June 17th & 18th at 8pm. Presenting artists for the first night will include Madeline Shuron, Olivia Brown, Megan Kelley, Ash Phan, and 215 Live Entertainment. The second night will feature Poético Dance Collective, Chachi Perez, Loren Groenendaal, Katherine Desimine, and KC Chun.

Mascher Space Cooperative has been a home for new dance in Philadelphia. It is artist imagined, artist founded, artist shared and run. Mascher’s Artist in Residence program provides an opportunity to cooperatively pool resources, skills, and space. Artists receive deeply subsidized rates for creative endeavors, and work with the community to learn, share, and exchange.

Performance highlights include Megan Kelley’s Iron Glove, a solo performance piece exploring home as an extension of the body and arena for harnessing human energy. Fantasies of toil, the medium of sacred apology, and rewilding are played out with elements of movement, costuming, and props. 

Olivia Brown with co-choreographer and collaborator Brooch Solomon will perform, Through the Looking Glass, an improvisatory, chance procedure based work on the theme of seeing and being seen. The piece plays with disrupting traditional notions of spectatorship in dance and aims to make the audience question how their perception impacts the performance.

Loren Groenendaal
will present aflame, a quartet for 2 dancers, and 2 musicians, researching fire inside our bodies – our metabolism, our inner light, our qi or chi- how to ignite it, sense it, share it. To find spark and sparkle in each other, to bask in warmth.

Katherine Desimine along with her co-collaborators, will present an untitled work exploring a deeply explorative process, & performative possibilities. 

Tickets to the event are available on Dance Box Office on a sliding scale / pay what you can from $5 to $20. Fishtown Residents who attend the first night can attend the second show for free simply by signing up at the door with proof of residency.

The Mascher Space Cooperative
June 17 & 18 at 8-10pm, 2223 East Dauphin Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125
Tickets: $5-$20 general admission
Purchase Tickets for Night 1
Purchase Tickets for Night 2
or cash or PayPal app at the door
Drinks and snacks after each show.

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