Courtyard Dancers presents Birds In Circled Flight, May 8th

Join the Courtyard Dancers in their collective reckonings of the past two years with a new dance-theater piece based on Armenian music, Ghazal, Tagore and Kathak. We pay our tribute to those and what we have lost as we look forward to the future with renewed energy and artistic rigor.

Performed by Courtyard Dancers. Concept and Choreography Pallabi Chakravorty. The event will begin with the splendors of rhythm with our little Courtyard Dancers.

Courtyard Dancers’ performance and practice are our portal to express and experiment with intergenerational and intercultural themes and values to find our place as progressive global South Asians.  In that respect our dance technique while centering the rhythmic Kathak body is dynamic, eclectic, improvisational, and inclusive.  Join us to shape the contemporary cosmopolitan as COURTYARD K(C)ATHAK.

Courtyard is our platform where we hop off from the journey of the ordinary and normative to seek the extraordinary.  We dance and learn about India and South Asian cultures by focusing on the art of Kathak dance.  The music and dance of Kathak (thumri, ghazal, kavit, bols, gat) are our cosmopolitan inheritance from the courtesans of the Islamic and Hindu courts.  In our practice/riyaaz we mark the multi-lingual, multi-religious, multi-gendered genesis of the dance from the syncretic cultures of India’s courtly milieu to our Contemporary Courtyard. While we seek our blessings from our women teachers and mentors, we are not bound by any one gurukul.

We believe that tradition and contemporary are not oppositional, but are best understood as legacies, connections, and transformations. We call our dance COURTYARD K(C)ATHAK to underscore our departure from the lineages of male gharanas, gurus, and associated hierarchies of classical Kathak.

May 8th, 2022 at 5:30 pm
Neighborhood House, 20 N. American Street, Philadelphia
This is a non-ticketed event. Donations at the door are appreciated (suggested $10).

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