Black Femininity through the Dance of Dara J. Meredith, September 18

Commissioned by the Delaware Art Museum with support from Art Bridges, this soul-searching full-length dance work is inspired by Southern Souvenir No. II (1948), a riveting painting by Eldzier Cortor depicting disembodied figures of black women. With the painting in the background six dancers, distill the themes and emotional energy of Cortor’s artwork into choreography. Meredith explores the complexity of black womanhood with a gifted multi-generational ensemble whose shapeshifting bodies speak stories of sisterhood and superhuman strength. Undergirded by the voices of powerful black women and varied artist such as Nina Simone, and the poetry of Ursula Rucker, The Bridge of Our Roots is imperative, timely, and a source for healing.

Meredith proclaims “The work will delve into the idea that Black bodies, and Black women specifically, have been ostracized, dismantled, separated, and abused; all the while being the backbone and the foundation of continuity for American culture. The work showcases the complexity of what Black women in the south have experienced while having to hold the nation on its breast so that it may live and live on.”

Jonathan Whitney of Flux Creative Consulting stated, “Meredith’s performance speaks to the experiences of people of color, especially in the wake of police shootings of unarmed Black women. So, it only makes sense to elevate this Black female choreographer to respond to artwork that is about Black female bodies.”

There will be a live discussion with the choreographer and performers following the live performance premiere.

The Bridge of Our Roots
Dara J Meredith

Sat, September 18, 2021
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Suzanne Roberts Theater, 480 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146
Tickets: $25 purchase online at