Choreographer Gabrielle Revlock presents two works: I Replaced Him with a Lamp and Nuptial Blitz, September 22-24, 2021

Choreographer Gabrielle Revlock presents two works: I Replaced Him with a Lamp and Nuptial Blitz, September 22-24, 2021  (Wed at 8:30 pm, Thus & Fri at 6:30 pm) as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Performances will be live at The MAAS Building, 1325 N. Randolph St. Philadelphia, PA 19122 with an online streaming option. Tickets cost $20 and are available by phone at  215.413.1318, online at, or at the door subject to availability. 

“Embodied Anthropology” is a term coined by award-winning artist Gabrielle Revlock to describe the process of examining human behavior by stepping into and recreating familiar, and at times seemingly unspectacular scenarios. “The process of embodied anthropology is a tool I use to reframe an encounter so that the microstories present in our everyday lives might become more visible,” says Revlock.

For I Replaced Him with a Lamp, the movement material was extracted from an accidental video recording of Revlock receiving verbal feedback from an older, established, European, male theater director. In her line of gaze (where he would be) is placed an object. Shifting focus away from the dialogue, the work isolates the artist’s nervous gestures, searching gaze, and feminine posture. Underlining the repeated movement motifs with a repetitive sound score, her subconscious movements become both a structure and a portrait of gender and status. 

Nuptial Blitz examines the visual tropes and clichés of contemporary wedding photography. Sourcing images from the internet, weaving it with personal narrative and optional audience participation, the result is a relatable, provocative, and joyful experience for all.

While a previous draft of Nuptial Blitz involved hugging, hand-holding and photo-taking with costumes, Covid-19 precautions have provided an opportunity to do something different. While there will still be opportunities for audience engagement in the form of tableaux vivants, participants will remain masked and socially distanced. Nuptial Blitz is where soulmate and stranger overlap, where intimacy and distance collide.

The Nuptial Blitz project has generated thousands of images of Revlock with past volunteers/beloveds. View them on her Instagram.

Nuptial Blitz CREDITS
Created by Gabrielle Revlock 
Photography by Dave Ratzlow + Gabrielle Revlock
Performed by Gabrielle Revlock, Bonnie Friel + audience members!
Running time: 25 minutes

I Replaced Him with a Lamp CREDITS
Created and Performed by Gabrielle Revlock
Running time: 17 minutes

Wed, September 22, 2021 | 8:30pm 
Thurs, September 23, 2021  | 6:30pm
Fri, September 24, 2021  | 6:30pm 
Artist Bar opens at 6pm in the MAAS Garden. 

The MAAS Building is located at  1325 N. Randolph St. Philadelphia, PA 19122. 
[email protected], 267-239-2851

$20 | Student/Under25/FringeArts member discounts are available.
A live streaming ticket is flexible,  buyers can attend any or all performances virtually.
Service fees will be applied. Call 215.413.1318 or visit to purchase tickets.

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