Altered States: A Performance Conversation with Megan Bridge and Zornitsa Stoyanova, August 5th

On August 5th at 8pm at the Fidget Space in Kensington, Philadelphia, choreographers/ performers Megan Bridge (Fidget) and Zornitsa Stoyanova (Bodymeld) will present the US premiere of their new duet: Altered States: A Performance Conversation.
In this performance conversation, Megan Bridge (PHL) and Zornitsa Stoyanova (PHL/BUL) will propose that “performance presence” is, in fact, an altered state of consciousness. They will discuss, demonstrate, and explore their own techniques, compositional tools, and physical practices, for creating altered states.
Bridge and Stoyanova are both award winning and critically acclaimed performers and choreographers. They are both women, mothers, and people who are perhaps obsessed with the concept of “presence” in performance. Collectively, they have spent more than thirty years researching this topic.
Zornitsa and Megan’s performance suggests different ways of being in the world, challenging neuro-normative modes of perception and being. They center these “presencing” practices as survival tactics, or strategies to help navigate the dailyness/deadliness of everyday life.
Philadelphia based company Fidget is a platform for the experimental, collaborative work of Megan Bridge (choreographer) and Peter Price (composer/video art). Fidget is a think tank for research and discussion, offering historical, political, and philosophical access points for a deeper understanding of the art.
Zornitsa Stoyanova (USA/BUL) is an award winning performance artist, curator, writer, lighting and video designer based between Philadelphia, USA and Sofia, Bulgaria. She directs her company BodyMeld which along with presenting her work, focuses on creating programs in support of independent choreographers in both her locales.
Altered States: A Performance Conversation
Thursday August 5, 2021, 8 PM EDT
Hybrid event – virtual on Zoom and in person at the Fidget Space, 1714 N. Mascher St, Philadelphia
Tickets- Pay what you wish, between $1-$40
Register in advance here:

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