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Philadelphia Dance Projects Informance with Jeannette Ginslov, March 28

Philadelphia Dance Project’s Informance series continues in March with media dance artist, Jeannette Ginslov presenting Conspiracy Archives and Downscaling in Deep Flow.

For her PDP Informance, Ginslov will discuss the evolution of her research path of over 25 years, that has gone “from the externalization of emotions using: my body as a site of resistance; visualizing media technologies to amplify the visual, the haptic and the emotional; interactive technologies to explore the self as a digital-other in external digital mediations; and to the mediation of affective imagery using AR and mixed reality (MR). However, these technologies mostly mediate outwardly; digital visual imagery that never quite reveals one’s inner lived experience and the felt sense”. Several of Jeannette Ginslov’s screen dances have been previously curated by Philadelphia Dance Project and included in PDP’s Motion Pictures series. In 2018, they were also added to the Philadelphia Museum of Dance at the Barnes.

This Informance asks: How can AR and MR amplify and share somatic states of experience using Screendance viewed on mobile devices? How may an embodied dance practice using biosensor technology, explore and ground lived experience in the world around one?

To answer these questions Ginslov will discuss and show examples of several of her Screendance and AR creative collaborative projects including, AffeXity and AffeXity: Passages and Tunnels (2010-15), that culminated in the project Conspiracy Archives (2017-ongoing). She will also discuss her PhD research Deep Flow that explores embodied dance practice using biometric feedback data to “look inwardly”, at dance “as experience”, rather than looking outwardly at mediated visual representations. Ironically this form of practice downscales the use of technology to return to first person experience, to reconnect to one’s own felt sense of the world, in an age saturated and distracted by online mediation and datafication.

Jeannette Ginslov is a specialist in Digital Dance for AR, Screen and Biosensor performance. Currently she is final year PhD Creative Technologies Candidate at London South Bank University with Full Scholarship from the Applied Science and Arts & Media Departments. Her thesis explores Deep Flow: a tentacular worlding of biosensor technology, lived experience and embodied human and nonhuman materials with the School of Applied Sciences and Centre for Media and Culture Research. Ginslov also has an MSc Media Arts & Imaging – Screendance from DJCAD Dundee University (Distinction) and an MA Choreography, Rhodes University South Africa.

Ginslov was an award winning dancer and choreographer before becoming a Screendance maker, producer and workshop facilitator. Her works, screened internationally, centre around affect, the moving body and its digital materiality. Since 2011 she has collaborated with Prof Susan Kozel (Malmö University) on the Screendance and AR projects: AffeXity , DansAR 01& 02 and AffeXity: Passages & Tunnels. Their latest collaboration is with Icelandic choreographer Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir and explores embodied dance and Screendance in the Somatic Archiving and Conspiracy Archivesprojects.

Concurrently she is Director and Curator of Screendance Africa (Pty) Ltd Cape Town, was Co-ordinator and Jury member for 60secondsdance.dk (2011-2014) and March 2019 she was a Screendance Jury member at Short Waves Festival, Poznan, Poland.

PDP Informance
Jeannette Ginslov

Sunday, March 14, 2021 at 4pm
FREE or pay what you will. RSVP for zoom link:  [email protected] 

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