Fidget Participates in Inaugural Residency with Under Construction Arts

From June 20th-25th, Fidget co-director and choreographer Megan Bridge and five dancers will be traveling to Annapolis, Maryland for a residency to work on Fidget’s next project – The Alt.terre. This residency is hosted by Under Construction Arts, a program of Maryland Hall. The residency will include five days of intensive rehearsals, as well as talkbacks and interviews about the work, which will be streamed and shared virtually. One can follow the entire process online through daily blog recaps, videos, social media platforms, and live-streamed events. Follow online at

The two Facebook Live events will occur on
● Wednesday, June 24, 6:30 pm: Experience a work in progress and share your feedback live with Fidget
● Thursday, June 25, 6:30 pm: Enjoy a final look at what Fidget creates during their time there. You may see your feedback reflected on stage! Followed by a discussion on the importance of supporting the creative process now more than ever.

Every day administrative assistant, Mijka Smith will be updating Fidget’s Instagram with insights on the rehearsal process. In addition, each day one of the dancers (Mijka plus Meghan Frederick, Tyra Jones-Blain, Rachel DeForrest Repinz, and Tiana Sanders) will “take over” Instagram, and post about their experiences during the residency that day! These posts will be available @thefidget_space.

Fidget recognizes that due to COVID-19 it is a tricky time to be traveling as a group. In preparation for the Under Construction Arts residency, the six Fidget artists have decreased their non-essential activities for a period of two weeks before their arrival and showed no symptoms of COVID 19 during that period. Maryland Hall has established a separate section of their facility for the activities associated with this effort including a separate entrance for arrivals and departures from that of current building users and contractors working in the space. The Maryland Hall technical team maintains safe social distancing procedures in addition to other measures to provide a safe environment for these artists to create. The dancers will be performing together in a way they feel comfortable and have mutually agreed to.

Philadelphia based company Fidget is a platform for the experimental, collaborative work of Megan Bridge (choreographer) and Peter Price (composer/video art). Fidget is a think tank for research and discussion, offering historical, political, and philosophical access points for a deeper understanding of the art.

Under Construction Arts focuses on the artistic process, hosting, and highlighting work in progress in order to build a deeper connection between artists and audiences.

*** photo by Kevin Monko, lighting by Mark O’Maley, costumes by Patricia Dominguez