Movers and Makers: Philadanco Turns 50, June 18

Across the nation and around the world, The Philadelphia Dance Company, fondly known as Philadanco, is recognized for innovation, creativity, and the preservation of predominately African American traditions in dance. This year Philadanco is celebrating 50 years of bringing the highest quality dance performances to the stage, and for inspiring dancers from all backgrounds. WHYY’s TV docuseries Movers & Makers has produced a special half hour episode: Philadanco turns 50!

Movers & Makers highlights important arts and culture stories from the Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey and Delaware regions. In Philadanco turns 50!, we meet Founder and Executive Artistic Director, Joan Myers Brown and follow her journey through the world of dance as a Black Ballerina in the era of segregation – to today. We hear from Brown as she ponders retirement and the future of her company.

The program also features former dancers, colleagues from the dance community, and Brenda Dixon-Gottschild, author of a 2012 biography about Brown: Joan Myers Brown & the Audacious Hope of the Black Ballerina.

Philadanco turns 50! was written and produced by Karen Smyles, WHYY-TV Producer, and former dancer with The Philadelphia Dance Company. “My hope is that others will learn more about this artistic gem and the enormous opportunities Brown and Philadanco have provided so many young black dancers, myself included,” said Smyles.

Movers and Makers: Philadanco Turns 50! will air Thursday, June 18th @7:30pm on WHYY TV and will be available for streaming afterward.

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