Perspectives A Presentation of New Work by Temple University Dance B.F.A. Seniors, Nov 22-23

The seniors of Temple University’s Dance Department of the Boyer College of Music and Dance will present their senior concert: Perspectives, on November 22 & 23, 2019 The 90-minute show includes the works of 8 emerging dance artists graduating this spring. Their work reflects a diverse range of choreographic approaches, styles and movement genres, including modern, jazz, and Soca. A rich expression of individual identity and self-transformation, Perspectives embodies the change and growth these students have experienced over the past 4 years in the Temple B.F.A. Dance Program.

The B.F.A. in Dance at Temple is focused on building well-rounded, versatile artists who are not only technically proficient but have a broad range and a deep understanding of their work. The goal of the B.F.A. program is to develop dancers who are prepared for success in a variety of careers within the field of dance. The culminating project of the B.F.A. curriculum requires students to produce their own concert. Kristen Adams, Hannah Apple, Alyssa Coleman, Olivia Hansberry, Cathryn Healy, Julia Jennings, Makayla Peterson, and Brittney Sales produced, choreographed, and marketed the show.

The concert includes the following works:

“Blind To”, a work by Kristen Adams, uses abstract movement to depict perspectives of self, reality, and others, showing that at times human beings are blind to the truth. The work begins with the dancers tying fabric over their eyes; they are blinded as they try to navigate themselves, space, and each other. The blindfolds act as shields to reality.

Hannah Apple’s, “Dive Bar Soiree,” is a jazz-based trio that embodies the lighthearted joy she feels listening to her favorite music. The work reflects the aesthetic of the 1960s girl groups and is set to music by The Guess Who, Chubby Checker, and Tommy James and the Shondells.

Alyssa Coleman’s piece, C (h) a (n) g e, is set to music by the popular band Cage the Elephant. It explores the stages in which we handle change through modern dance choreography set to a wide dynamic range of musical choices. The dance represents and embodies the common link between three parts of self (past, present, and future) and moving onwards to the next cycle of change.

Olivia Hansberry’s piece, “The Sun’s in My Eyes” utilizes choreography that is up for interpretation. The dance utilizes a hybrid movement style in order to play with mood, tension, and time. What can you notice?

Cathryn Healy’s piece “Duality” presents her personal experience with the chasm that occurs between the mind and body when one experiences a trauma. Two dancers, as the physical and mental parts of self, find a way to become whole again.

Julia Jennings’ piece is a dance for five women using balletic and modern dance vocabulary. The piece, “through the darkness, to the stars” explores the universal experience of emotional hardship and adversity. How can we, as individuals, experience a war within ourselves, and come out stronger than we were before?

The work “868 Irving Street” by Makayla Peterson pays homage to her Trinidadian culture through the display of their cultural celebration of J’ouvert and Carnival. Through Soca, contemporary, and African dance, she expresses the components of freedom, love joy and owning your sexuality found in the culture.

Brittney Sales’s piece “Reação Cerebral” (Brain Reaction) represents how the brain reacts to emotion. The dance uses genres including jazz, hip-hop and modern dance to express emotions such as love, anxiety, stress, anger & relaxation.

November 22, 2019 at 7:30p.m.
November 23, 2019, at 2:30p.m, 7:30p.m
Temple University’s Conwell Dance Theater, 5th floor at 1801 North Broad Street
Tickets available at Temple Arts Box Office, Tomlinson Theater lobby, 1301 W. Norris Street, Philadelphia; Open Mon-Fri 12 noon – 6PM
$20 General Admission, $15 Student and Senior Citizen, $10 Temple Employee, $5 with Temple Student Owlcard. For more information on the concert, visit:

Pictured is Kristen Adams, Hannah Apple, Alyssa Coleman, Olivia Hansberry, Cathryn Healy, Julia Jennings, Makayla Peterson, and Brittney Sales.
Photo by Joanna Coleman