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Ani/Malayaworks and Drum Like a Lady present Sunset CypHER at Bartram’s Garden, Sept 21

As part of the 2019 Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Ani/Malayaworks and Drum Like a Lady will present Sunset CypHER  for one performance only on September 21, 2019 at 8:000 pm at Bartram’s Garden, 5400 Lindbergh Blvd Philadelphia. Tickets are $10 for this 50 minute outdoor performance and available online at

Sunset CypHER is a collaboration between three Philadelphia female artists: Ani Gavino (movement artist), Latreice Branson (percussionist). and Jasmine Lynea (director). This cypHER is an improvisational performance between the sunset, dance, drums, and viewers, who will actively take part in this communal expression.

Sunset CypHER is based on a Filipino mythological folktale about the goddess of rainbows, Bighari. The story begins with Bighari’s fascination for earthlings, entranced by the beauty of earth’s water, trees, and humans. Her frequent visits to earth, particularly Bartram’s Garden result to her banishment from the heavens by her parent, the sun god. Bighari’s cries, brings forth rain and the creation of the rainbow.

This is an interactive performance where volunteer audience members will play roles. The show ends with a participatory communal dance, which in the story will serve as the portal of communication between Bighari, her goddess sisters and the sun god, who she misses terribly.

Annielille Gavino, affectionately known as Ani ( meaning “Harvest” in her native tongue, Hiligaynon) is a native of the Philippines. Annielille is a movement artist, choreographer, teaching artist, mother and community organizer. She immigrated to the United States in 2000, and since then, has worked with legendary choreographers such as Katherine Dunham, Donald McKayle, Baba Chuck Davis, and many others. She danced with international modern dance companies such as Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, Dallas Black Dance Theater and Kun Yang- Lin/ Dancers. As an interdisciplinary dance maker, she uses dance as a storytelling element for cultural connection, resistance, spiritual journeys, and community engagement. Her works have been supported by Dance Place, Fleisher Art Memorial, Barnes Foundation, Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, Small But Mighty Arts, Asian Arts Initiative and more. Annielille is passionate about bringing Filipino Americans in Philadelphia together and is looking forward to her next project, “Patawili”, a celebration of Filipino food, dance, and language.

LaTreice V. Branson is an educator, community activist, and drummer from Philadelphia who enriches her community through interactive drum performances and gatherings that often feature impromptu audience collaborations. Exploring the creation of new soundscapes through improvisation by inviting musicians and non-musicians alike to engage in the process of arranging music, LaTreice has influenced a reciprocal culture of sharing that unites marginalized communities. Her free and publicly-accessible drumming events uplift gender-inclusivity and live collaboration. She also is the founder of Drum Like a Lady, a community cooperative whose mission is to provide a safe space for women of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs and lifestyles to express their uniqueness through collective drumming, dance, music education, and mental health advocacy.

Jasmine Lynea is a writer, director, editor, videographer and educator. Born and raised in Teaneck, NJ, Jasmine however, resides in Philadelphia, PA, where she teaches high-school students film and video. Jasmine Lynea’s filmography focuses on social change in raising awareness, while also preserving history and challenging racism, sexism and other unjust treatments. Since the completion of her second short-film, The Mixtape; Stay Black, Baby! Jasmine has begun a new personal project that will fulfill her mission, a film series centered on raising awareness to social issues, like mental health and other oppressions towards marginalized communities. The film series will be called The Bottomlands– named after the setting in author Toni Morrison’s novel Sula.

Sunset CypHER
September 21, 2019 at 8:000 pm
Bartram’s Garden, 5400 Lindbergh Blvd , Philadelphia
Tickets are $10 online at

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