(RE) Frame – MFA Thesis Performance by Blanca Huertas-Agnew

by Steven Weisz for The Dance Journal

Blanca Huertas-Agnew presented (Re)Frame, a collaboration with six local dancers and mixed media artist, Jen McCleary. The culmination of her choreographic research project and MFA final journey explores the relationship between gender, technique, and inequality within the current patriarchal structure of classical ballet. (RE) Frame looks at ballet through the lens of the female body.  According to Huertas-Agnew, “the research brings attention to the topic of the empowerment of women in the ballet world in which they find themselves entrapped in the conundrum of reaching full technique mastery while negotiating its rigid structure. The research aims to open a space for reflection amongst educators, choreographers, and directors to find ways to integrate a non-gender / non-binary attitude in all aspects of curriculum development.”  This includes approaches to the teaching of technique as well as repertory.

Choreography: Blanca Huertas-Agnew
Dancers: Isabella Agnew, Amber Honghermeire, Alissah Johann, Katherine Kuckhoff, Flavia Morante and Sarah Warren.
Visual Artist: Jen McCleary
Presented at The Performance Garage on February 16, 2019

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