Sammy Reyes’ Social Compass

After a rough start from the previous weekend due to inclement weather, Sammy Reyes was finally able to present Social Compass to a packed house at the Koresh Black Box Theater. Social Compass was designed as a public announcement or perhaps more so a warning dialogued through contemporary dance. The program featured a wide range of dance genres including modern, jazz, hip-hop, breakin, salsa, African, and house movement. Samuel Antonio Reyes added some theatrical lip-syncing and acting for good measure pulling the huge variety of pieces all together in a non-stop one-hour program designed to reflect the social climate of the day.

Choreographers included Samuel Antonio Reyes, Tony Azzaro, Tyria Saul, Tegan Schweitzer, Anwar Kahlil Jones, and Jesse Jones.

Dancers were Samuel Antonio Reyes, Tony Azzaro, Colleen Dougherty, Ryan Alexander, Natalie Flynn, Aleah Lynn, Anthony Michael, Zsa Zsa St. James, Anwar Kahlil Jones, Dylan Platt, Andrew Byun, Tegan Schweitzer, Lydia Di Lorio, Courtney Conigatti, Caitlin Green, Lauren Kali, Mary Frances Cavallaro, Alexis Lanzillo, and Tyria Saul.


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