Bryn Mawr College Performing Arts Series presents Wintry Mix | Performance Festival, Jan 25-26

The Bryn Mawr College Performing Arts Series presents two different lineups of innovative theater makers, choreographers, and musicians for the third installment of its Wintry Mix | Performance Festival, a curated sampler of new works by artists working across performance disciplines. Emerging and established regional artists and performers known for their artistic daring will show their latest creations at the Hepburn Teaching Theater in Goodhart Hall, Friday, Jan. 25, and Saturday, Jan. 26, at 8 p.m.

Smaller scale and often more experimental than other Series performances, each night features a different headliner joined by an array of other performers, includes free snacks and drinks, and ends with an extended musical set/dance party for everyone. Two different programs of 15-minutes-max showings draw from the vibrant regional performing arts community and gleefully cross boundaries between theater, dance, comedy, and music.

Performing Arts Series Coordinator Abigail Guay observes, “The 2019 installment of Wintry Mix features two headlining artists who independently arrived at the same theme: social and political catharsis. Both Festival evenings will offer audiences the opportunity to reconsider, reconnect, and at the end of both nights, if they choose, cut a curative rug.”

Friday, Jan. 25
You are invited to a funeral for the things we’ve lost and for those we hope to lose. Responding to loss, both personal and political, Nichole Canuso has crafted a cabaret of catharsis, an opportunity to come together to sing, grieve, dance, shout, and celebrate the inevitability of change.

Curator | Headliner: Nichole Canuso

Featured Artists:
Adrienne Truscott
Eliza Hardy Jones
Jennifer Kidwell

With: Eun Jong Choi, Meg Foley, Martha Graham Cracker, Helen Hale, Rhonda Moore, Chelsea Murphy, Guillermo Ortega, Emily Schuman

Dance Party DJ: Pax Ressler

Saturday, Jan. 26
Cynthia Hopkins presents a fabulously resistant, wildly resilient, truly unruly evening of solace for a society in crisis. An installment of The Thrashers, Hopkins’ ongoing experiment with various forms of audience interaction, Saturday’s Wintry Mix features Philadelphia artists who are boldly experimenting with social justice and audience engagement.

Curator | Headliner: Cynthia Hopkins

Featured Artists:
Meg Foley
Annie Wilson
Martha Graham Cracker
The Bandits

Dance Party MCs: In the Dance soul line dancing with Selena Williams and David Earley