PIMA Group and Christina Gesualdi/Jesse Kudler, November 10

PIMA Group and Christina Gesualdi/Jesse Kudler will present a one-night only performance of live music and dance on Saturday November 10th, 2018 at 8pm. An innovative blend of dance, live music and video performance will be presented at the James Oliver Gallery located at 723 Chestnut Street, 4th Floor in downtown Philadelphia.

PIMA Group, led by Artistic Director and Co-Founder Melisa Clark, will premiere their newest work, The Snake, The Moon and The Egg, performed by dancers Melisa Clark and Dawn Ann Perez. Live music will be performed by Thomas Clark, PIMA Group Co-Founder, and Brian Osborne. Embedded within the performance is video text projections by Melisa Clark.

At the heart of the creative process for The Snake, The Moon and The Egg lies the Motherpeace and Wild Unknown tarot card decks. Each of these decks has imagery that relates to matriarchal cultures and nature. The cards lent their imagery and stories for movement generation and personal reflection. The dancers intuitively began exploring the cards in excavating their own stories through gesture and movement revealing the surreal story of The Snake, The Moon and The Egg. Void of any kind of linear agreement, the performance ties together movements of moon phases, shedding snakes, and eggs cracking in a journey towards transformation and empowerment. Thomas Clark (guitar, melodica, harmonium) and Brian Osborne (percussion) collaborate with the dance in creating an improvisational music score. Excerpts from the writings of the dancers in the creative process will be used to create projected video text throughout the performance.

The collaborative duo of Christina Gesualdi and Jesse Kudler will premiere a new work for their second duo performance, Crater Tracer. Their collaboration explores the inter-dependence of sound and movement, with the boundaries between dancer and accompanist deliberately troubled.

Christina Gesualdi is a dancer and choreographer who is an artist in residence at Mascher Space Co-op. She makes experiential work that researches a certain softness and imaginative off-ness in the body. Jesse Kudler is a musician, composer, performer, and sound artist using improvisation, collaboration, and site-specificity to examine modes and practices of listening.

This is the second presenting collaboration between PIMA Group and James Oliver Gallery. We are excited to invite the duo of Christina Gesualdi and Jesse Kudler to perform during the evening.

Both have performed with PIMA Group artists previously. The gallery, with its white walls, white painted wood floors and beautifully arched windows, offer a blank canvas for the artists’ performance in between art shows.

Tickets are $10/$5 students, available online at https://www.danceboxoffice.com/?js_events=pima-group-christina-gesauldi-jesse-kudler. The gallery is located on the 4th floor and is walk-up only.

PIMA Group and Christina Gesualdi/Jesse Kudler

Saturday, November 10th, 2018 at 8:00 pm
James Oliver Gallery, 723 Chestnut Street, 4th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tickets online on Dance Box Office

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