3AM Theatre’s The Graveyard Slot, Sept 13-16

Marking it’s inaugural presentation, 3AM THEATRE is proud to announce the premiere of The Graveyard Slot, directed by Kyle Driggs and Andrea Murillo. This family friendly production runs from September 13 till September 16 at Circadium: School Of Contemporary Circus.

The Graveyard Slot is co-directed by Mark Lonergan (Parallel Exit, Big Apple Circus) and was developed in part through Parallel Exit’s Physical Theatre Lab. Performed by artists Kyle Driggs and Andrea Murillo, they create a visually powerful evening with a unique fusion of circus, dance, and theater. The performance includes contemporary juggling, original choreography, and enhanced special effects.

“The artistry of 3AM THEATRE is built upon the individual experiences with world class companies such as Cirque Du Soleil and The Martha Graham Dance Company. Our goal is to create an exciting new form of theater which seamlessly integrates contemporary circus and modern dance.”

The Graveyard Slot refers to a period of time in the early morning hours in which television programming is usually unimportant and meaningless. A couple, caught in a state of insomnia, finds themselves engrossed in mind numbing broadcasts. Our story follows them throughout the night as they navigate through a series of surreal vignettes that ultimately lead them towards redefining their love and individuality.

Single Tickets range from $15-$20 and are on sale online at https://fringearts.com/event/the-graveyard-slot-5/ and also in person before each performance.