The Backyard: A palimpsest! and an unprecedented performance at thefidget space, Sept 14-16

Megan Bridge and Peter Price, co-directors of <fidget>, an experimental performance ensemble, opened the doors of their home, thefidget space, to the public in 2009. Over the last decade, <fidget> has presented dozens of performances, workshops, seminars, lectures, and discussion groups in their warehouse work/live space. Now for the first time, <fidget> shares its own work, at its home base, within the Fringe Festival.

According to <fidget> co-director Peter Price: “For almost 10 years, our focus at thefidget space was on supporting the work of other artists, and in the last two years we took a break from hosting events in our home. Megan Bridge, co-director of <fidget> and I wanted to bring the energy back to our own artistic work, but at the same time, we really missed opening our doors to the public. Fringe Festival audiences haven’t seen our work as part of the festival since 2004. We thought it was time to return.”

The Backyard is historically significant and was developed in a residency with Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson at their studio on Mad Brook Farm in Northern Vermont in summer, 2017. <fidget> dancers Beau Hancock and Megan Bridge “learned” Paxton and Nelson’s improvised duet PART, which the older duo toured and performed from 1978-2002. The project calls into question ideas of authorship, asking how does one “learn” someone else’s improvisation?

“Art is a game between all people of all periods.” —Marcel Duchamp

The younger dancers retained the basic movement score (solo, duet, solo, duet) and the music (Robert Ashley’s Private Parts). Bridge and Hancock have infused the project with their own idiosyncratic movement explorations and chosen a new title for their performance: The Backyard.

<fidget> premiered The Backyard in Philadelphia at The Performance Garage in summer, 2017, and has performed the work in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (March 2018), and will travel to Lublin, Poland, for performances in fall 2018.

Creation/Performance: Megan Bridge and Beau Hancock
Music: Private Parts (1978), by Robert Ashley.
Used by permission from Lovely Music and Visibility Music Publishers.

The Backyard
Friday, September 14: 7pm & 9pm
Saturday September 15: 6pm & 10pm
Sunday September 16: 4pm & 7pm
thefidget space, 1714 N. Mascher St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19122
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