Tangle Movement Arts presents In the Forest, Sept 12-15

Each path tells a story. Tangle Movement Arts’ acrobats and 360-degree sculptural set surround you at In the Forest, an immersive circus-theater show where threads guide travelers into new worlds. Choose your view and explore a landscape of light and shade, trapeze and aerial silks, and twisting tales for an experience that changes at each turn.

Tangle’s acrobats navigate a world of secrets, shadows, trapeze, and aerial silks in this complexly woven circus story. In the Forest’s set is crafted by interdisciplinary artist Jenna Reece, featuring thousands of yards of fabric and yarn donated by the knitters of West Philadelphia. The audience is invited into the center of this universe, for a circus-theater experience that unfolds in every dimension.

When worlds meet, sparks fly: A scientist weaves her thesis out of fabric, yarn, and stolen treasures. A sphinx guards a palace of broken furniture. A farmer harvests her crop of colors, a wandering musician holds the key to every story, and a warrior strikes out to protect her sister.

“In developing this uniquely immersive world, we created a show about home, the weirdness of traveling through new places, the joy of found family, and the fierceness of taking care of what’s yours,” says Tangle founder Lauren Rile Smith. “In the Forest is a portrait of an entire universe—it offers as many different stories as there are people in the audience.”

Tangle Movement Arts is a circus arts company with a contemporary twist, whose performances mix traditional circus like trapeze and acrobatics with dance, theater, and live music to tell a multi-dimensional story. Tangle’s work places an emphasis on queer and female experiences and is devised collaboratively by its all-female ensemble. Based in Philadelphia, Tangle has been a Philly FringeArts Festival favorite since its inception in 2011. Philadelphia Weekly says Tangle “blends circus-style acrobatics with a smart theatrical spin.”

In the Forest premieres at The Sanctuary at the Rotunda (4014 Walnut Street) on Wednesday, September 12 (8 pm), Thursday, September 13 (8 pm), Friday, September 14 (8 pm), and Saturday, September 15 (3 pm and 8 pm). Tickets ($10-20) are available via tangle-arts.com.

photo credit: Michael Ermilio