Raphael Xavier to Exhibit at Dupree Gallery

The James Dupree Gallery, 703 S 6th Street, Philadelphia, is proud to announce the opening of Out of Time, a first time solo visual art exhibition by award wining Guggenheim, United States Artist and Pew fellow in dance, Raphael Xavier. Out of Time will showcase Xavier’s photography and paintings from the last 20 years.

Included will be short performances and readings August 11th, 18th and 25th, by Xavier and guest performers.

Xavier began break-dancing in the early 1980’s and has remained active through practice, performance and touring with Rennie Harris Puremovement as well as his own productions. Hip Hop culture became pop culture but break-dancing disappeared underground where Xavier practiced and studied the form religiously. After touring with Rennie Harris PureMovement, he created his own dance work and choreography, making a name for himself in the dance world. He is currently an NDP production grant recipient for 2018-20.

His early experiences of graffiti and the physical art of the dance translated into visual art. He recorded and embodied the abstract styles of dance, which influenced his eye as a photographer. Xavier is also a MacDowell Fellow. He spent time at MacDowell Colony where he focused on visual art and dance.

His improvisation prowess is distinctive in dance and is apparent in his art work that narrates an abstracted perspective of hip hop history from its origin, through the peaks and down falls of the Breaker in Hip Hop culture.

Xavier emphasizes his approach to practices of the hip-hop genre with a body of visual art that encompasses exploration, improvisation, boundaries and limits.  Out of Time is an abstract history of hip-hop told through designs that represent a life long practice and process, translating into a theoretical conversation about the African American experience at the heart of a world wide phenomena called Breaking. Xavier continues movement through the tideway of mind and body to explore what he feels is the connection between the African American art form, the Black Renaissance and Breaking: to decipher, disrupt, take apart and put back together to find solutions.

This exhibit is an ode to the black and brown people of the hip-hop dance culture. The communities that arose from the South Bronx: in at ’75, out by ‘85. At the same time, it marks a continuation of my practice within the form of breaking from ’83 to the present day.

Raphael Xavier
Exhibition Dates: Saturday, August 4-Sept 30th
James Dupree Gallery,703 S 6th street Philadelphia PA 19147
Opening time: 5pm-10pm


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