Pasión y Arte presents My Voice, Our Voice | Mi Voz, Nuestra Voz, May 18 & 19

Feminist flamenco dance company Pasión y Arte lights up the stage on Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19 in My Voice, Our Voice | Mi Voz, Nuestra Voz. Sharing choreographic tools across genres, Pasión y Arte charts a new path across movement and motion to explore the effect of trauma on the female body, an exploration vital to creating social change. Presented by Intercultural Journeys, this performance will take place at the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral.

Pasión y Arte Artistic and Executive Director, Elba Hevia y Vaca says, “Flamenco is my identity, my way of life over a nearly 50-year intense journey of study, exploration, and creation. I continue to strive to penetrate the flamenco dance form at the deepest levels, making use of all I’ve learned and using my aging body to give voice to myself, to women and their stories, and to push the rigid boundaries of traditional macho flamenco, encoded over decades and centuries. As a Latina, indigenous woman from Bolivia, I have my own particular way of looking at flamenco and I want to share some of that unique perspective in this work.”

My Voice, Our Voice | Mi Voz, Nuestra Voz will be grounded in a rich artistic flamenco history while featuring the transcendent interplay of contemporary/traditional of flamenco dance, music, and cante, side-by-side with debut excerpts of a collaborative exploration with postmodern dancer/choreographer Annie Wilson. Wilson seeks to engage with flamenco in ways that deconstruct her practice of postmodernism in a commitment to dismantling the myth of the “neutral body,” a concept that reinforces a white, male-favored, cisgendered framing. In addition to Ms. Hevia y Vaca and Ms.Wilson, additional performers and collaborators include dancers Jeanne d’ Arc Casas and Sarah Candela. My Voice, Our Voice | Mi Voz, Nuestra Voz will also feature original composition and the first time collaborating with guitarist Andreas Arnold. Andreas Arnold expresses himself through a musical kaleidoscope that reflects the classical traditions of his homeland of Germany, jazz from the US where he has been living for the last decade, and music from the Mediterranean, in particular, the art of flamenco guitar from Andalucía. In addition to Mr. Arnold, the performance will also feature musicians Barbara Martinez (cante), Adam Maalouf (cello) and Jeremy Smith (percussion).

“Elba is a passionate and honest artist, committed to a fierce and profound self-expression in all the work she creates, both as an individual artist and in collaboration with a rich array of additional artists,” said Carly Rapaport-Stein, executive director of Intercultural Journeys. “Intercultural Journeys is thrilled to close its 2017-18 season with Pasión y Arte’s phenomenal artistic voice.”  This is the fifth and final performance of Intercultural Journeys’ 2017-2018 season, Borders & Boundaries.

My Voice, Our Voice | Mi Voz, Nuestra Voz will be held on Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19 at 7:00 PM at the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, 23 S. 38th Street, Philadelphia. For more information and tickets: Tickets are $8-$40.