I’m A Dancer Screening Coming to Philadelphia, March 29

The raw, rugged, and real, award-winning dance documentary “I’m A Dancer” will be screened in Philadelphia on March 29th, 2018 at 8:00 PM at The Chevra, 2002 Ludlow Street, Phila.

This indie documentary created by local filmmaker, Evan Davis, follows four professional dancers from the City of Philadelphia – Asya Zlatina (Modern Dance), Evalina “Wally” Carbonell (Contemporary Dance), Kelli Moshen (Jazz), and Tyger B (Hip Hop/Latin). The footage includes behind the scenes rehearsals, interviews, and live performance.  It examines the balance of hard work, creativity, passion and “do it yourself attitude” as these dancers follow their dream. The film also includes a rare appearance by Philly’s #1 dance fan, Bob Oliveti and concludes with a five-person roundtable discussion.

I’m A Dancer was the winner of Best Director and winner of Best Documentary categories in the Mindfield Film Festival based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Evan Davis

Evan Davis grew up a Director, he just didn’t know it. Born in Philadelphia and raised in the Main Line Suburbs of Philly, he was always entertaining and creating skits. As a youth, he would act out whole movies he created or create storylines with his action figures.

From a very young age, he was identified as having a high IQ above 130. Evan Davis loved movies and would often go into his parents’ room and watch films for hours on end. From Elementary School through High School he loved to entertain and would often create elaborate skits for school projects. He was even picked to give the graduation speech in Elementary School.

During college, he majored in Communications from day one at the University of Pittsburgh, and his Senior year he Co-Founded the Campus Sports Television Station. Though Davis saw himself as an On-Air Talent, he picked up the many skills needed to be a Director while working off camera as well. In addition to Sports, Davis also acted in an Improv Comedy TV show, which acted out crime reports from the Campus Newspaper.

After working in Sports Broadcasting and the Sports industry for a number of years, Davis decided to make the switch to Entertainment full time. He initially started off as an Actor and Improv Comedian. After watching a few Documentaries he had an inspirational moment and realized he should be creating his own content and become a Filmmaker.

As an Improv Comedian, Davis started creating his own content and felt at home both Directing and Acting. Everything came naturally, from Comedy to Filmmaking, Davis knew this is what he should be doing. Davis Directed his first Short Film entitled “Bizarro Bill”. A character he created on that very Improv Campus Television show years prior. Davis would eventually Direct his first Documentary entitled “I’m A Dancer” and continues to have plans for furthering his Filmmaker career.

Director Statement

“This Documentary represents what it is like to be a Professional Dancer in the City of Philadelphia. Independent art, low budgets, and just pure artistic and creative value. This Documentary captures that indie artistic feel, as it was filmed and edited specifically to represent the Dancers’ worlds. This Documentary was filmed by myself with one camera, some lighting umbrellas, and a lapel and shotgun microphone. I chose to use a shotgun microphone in certain parts rather than a boom mic or lapel mic in order to transport the viewer directly into this World they are viewing. If a Dancer is rehearsing in a studio, it sounds like that Dancer is rehearsing in a studio. With the Dance performances, I chose to use the raw music in the background instead of editing in the musical track. This makes it feel like the viewers are actually there in person. So the music goes up and down in volume and feels more real. I wanted the viewers to really feel like they are actually there in person rather than just watching a Documentary on Film.

The Documentary represents, much like the story of these Dancers, that you can create an artistic and creative piece of Art with just a dream and a hope. I used different angles and camera techniques so that the audience would feel like they were sitting right next to the Dancers while at the same time be taken away to another world. I also wanted this Documentary to be different from your standard Documentary. At times it should feel more cinematic than your standard Documentary.

I believe this is the type of Film audiences want to see. Something unique with a great story and dynamic Dancers. From the dancing to the interviews to the montages, this Documentary entertains and informs. The people have spoken, and this is it… I’m A Dancer. ”

I’m A Dancer
Thu, March 29, 2018
7:00 – 10:00pm
The Chevra, 2002 Ludlow Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

7:00 pm Red Carpet, SHMOOZE with free light snacks and cash bar
7:30 pm SCREENING will start
9-9: 30 pm Q&A session
10:00 pm event ends

Tickets are $10 and may be purchased online at http://bit.ly/2pgyAIS


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