FringeArts presents Clock That Mug or Dusted, Feb. 22-24

FringeArts presents Clock That Mug or Dusted, a conceptual and inspirational homage to feminist performance artists from esteemed contemporary bio-fem drag icon Cherdonna Shinatra. This quite literally messy mesh of contemporary dance and performance art comes to FringeArts’ waterfront headquarters—140 N Columbus Blvd. (at Race St.)—February 22-24. Tickets cost between $15 and $29 and are available by phone (215-413-1318) or online at FringeArts.com.

Paying tribute to feminist performance artists like Anna Halprin and Janine Antoni, Clock That Mug or Dusted uses the body as a literal canvas, utilizing paint, found objects, dance, and improvisational performance to call into question and seek out what present-day queer feminism may be. When asked what the title meant, Cherdonna Shinatra, otherwise known as Jody Kuehner, explained how it derived from drag terminology. “Clocked means you’ve noticed something you like or dislike or generally want to bring attention to,” adding, “giving ‘face’ aka ‘mug’ [is] giving attention to,” both fitting concepts for the improvisation-heavy work. “Dusted com[es] from the idea of putting on your face…or being under the influence or even death.” All these complex layers come through the performance when it arrives on stage.

When asked about Clocked that Mug or Dusted in an interview with FringeArts, Kuehner stated, “It’s maybe my most abstract work. I am so delighted it brings curiosity and intrigue to new audiences. It’s definitely a polarizing work.” Kuehner notes that each performance is never the same and that audiences should expect something new each time. The work, while held together by a loose structure, is built for Cherdonna’s unpredictable, riotous brand of improvisation. Kuehner notes that it is “a forever evolving animal” where the structure of the performances allows for further improvement with each and every performance.

In fine-tuning the show, she notes, “It’s a continual practice in not showing but being.” The highly politicized performance is revolutionary to Kuehner, as she tries to educate queerness and gender politics in a very moving and artistic way.

Jody Kuehner is a dancer, choreographer-director, and drag queen based in Seattle. She received a Genius Award in Performance in 2015 from Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger. Kuehner has worked with FringeArts in the past, performing as a guest artist with Get Pegged Cabaret in October of 2016.

Clock That Mug or Dusted 
Cherdonna Shinatra
February 22 | 8pm
February 23 | 8pm
February 24 | 8pm
FringeArts, 140 N Columbus Blvd., Phila
Tickets: $29 | $20.30 for Members | $15 for students/25-and-under
Call 215-413-1318 or visit www.fringearts.com to purchase tickets.

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