SHARE at The Iron Factory, Dec 9

SHARE is a semi-annual performance series that brings together artists working in Philadelphia and beyond to show both finished pieces and works in progress, this time on December 9th, 2017 at 8 PM. The series features a mix of dancers, musicians, and theater artists, presented in the intimate 3rd floor studio of The Iron Factory. This iteration will feature original work by Chris Davis, Darcy Lyons and stb x at, Ashley Yehoda and Lillian Joergensen, Kate Seethaler and Stephanie Turner, Allie Lin and Julee Mahon, and Molly Ross and Nola Sporn Smith.

Chris Davis is an adored Philadelphia based theater artist who is known for his solo work that combines serious content with comedy. He performs in his own writing of his one man show, Juan-Winfield Escutia-Scott, or the Mexican American War, a Butcher’s Play. Chris says,”meet Winfield Scott, commanding General of the American Army, as he leads you on a war campaign to conquer Mexico City…until he meets a young boy that will forever change his life. Learn about an often overlooked war that was integral to the history of both Mexico and the United States.”

Heaviness/Lightness is a new piece directed by Darcy Lyons and co-created with the dance and percussion duo STB x AT (Sean Thomas-Boyt and Andy Thierauf). In this new experimental work, the performers interact and explore the varying definitions and connotations of lightness and heaviness through movement, sound, and the interaction with moving props.

In Knees up, Ashley Yehoda and Lillian Joergensen of New Jersey explore what it means to move in a “masculine” way. Expect short hair, button up shirts, and vaudevillian music combined with athletic movement derived from the aesthetics of post-modern dance, capoeira, and Hungarian folk dancing. The piece asks this question among others: “As female-ish dancers, can we communicate “masculinity” with movement alone, or does it become
“feminine” once it is on our bodies?”

Kate Seethaler and Stephanie Turner recently moved to Philadelphia after receiving their MFAs in dance at Smith College in Massachusetts. They have worked together since 2015 and are excited to show weather, a duet that looks at “the anatomical circumstances of the performer’s current bodily form as if it were weather–temporary, evolving, and yet highly indicative of its inhabitant’s movements.”

Allie Lin shares, The In-Between, a duet with herself and dancer Julee Mahon. “This piece explores the moments that occur in between major times of growth and looks at how human beings make sense of their world,” says Allie Lin. The fluid movements evoke mystery and exploration as the performers move in and out of unison.

Molly Ross and Nola Sporn Smith of Brooklyn, NY perform a physical, detail oriented duet that addresses constantly shifting power dynamics and skirts around indicators of friendship, sisterhood, partnership, and competition. The movements are rhythmic, abstract, and mesmerizing.

SHARE at The Iron Factory
Saturday, December 9 at 8:00 PM
The Iron Factory, 118 Fontain Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19122
TICKETS: $15 general admission; $12 student/artist; available at the door and online at https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3181520

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