Temple University Student Concert, Fall 2017

by Bill Hebert for The Dance Journal
photo above: Choreography: Ashley “Peanut” Johnson, Aaron Mitchell; Lighting: Keri Lushefski, Sara Newman

Choreography: Kalila Kingsford Smith
Lighting: Alyssa Jimenez, Ashley Pearce

Choreography: Makayla Peterson
Lighting: Olivia Hansberry, Brittney Sales

Choreography: Xiaomeng Ma
Lighting: Garnet Clarke, Cierra Woods

Choreography: Emma Elsmo with Miriam Shlafman.
Lighting: Alyssa Coleman, Maria Smith

Choreography: Aakhu Dorman
Lighting: Edwina Thertulien, Jada Wade

Choreography: Sally Marsh
Lighting: Peyton Bellman, Erica DeProspo

Choreography: Alyssa Coleman with Tori Sexsmith.
Lighting: Makayla Peterson

Choreography: Hannah Borczon
Lighting: Victoria Sexsmith

Choreography: Ying Yu
Lighting: Julia Jennings

Choreography: Avi Wolf Borouchoff in collaboration with dancers
Lighting: Sara Helgans, Chyenne Simko

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