SWELL – Performance in Celebration of World Water Day, March 22

Dance students at Temple University present SWELL, a celebration of World Water Day, Wednesday, March 22, at 7pm in the Conwell Dance Theater. SWELL is an evening of dance featuring a special performance by opera singer Asha Larson, a presentation from environmental scientist and Temple Professor Fletcher Chmarra-Huff and more! The event is scheduled in observance of the United Nations holiday devoted to raising public attention to the critical water issues of our era. It is free and open to the public. 

SWELL will be the third-year Temple Dance students have celebrated World Water Day with an evening of performance. Every year dance students create works responding to the spiritual and life giving properties of water.

The performances and presentations will address specific issues like global water crisis, global warming, the water crisis in Flint Michigan, fracking, the North Dakota pipeline, protecting our oceans, rivers and lakes, as well as meditative works looking at the molecular structure of water, how planet Earth is a water planet, how other cultures celebrate water, and reflecting on how we treat water in our everyday lives. Every performance has the goal to question the corporate view of water as a “resource” rather than an intrinsic right.

SWELL’s mission is not only to observe and celebrate World Water Day, but to invite the Philadelphia community to join us in staying informed and involved with the issues that surround water today. Water has been privatized in many places around the globe with devastating consequences for the communities whose water is sold to large corporations. SWELL explores and advocates for useful responses to a global crisis that threatens the stability and subsequent motility of all living bodies.

SWELL will include works choreographed by Prudence Anne Amsden, Jiao Li, Zhaomi Lu, Christina Diane Eltvedt, Brittany Smith, Xiaomeng Ma, Chenyu Xiong, Qijundi Liu, Morgaine Deleonardis. SWELL is directed by Prudence Anne Amsden and facilitated by Professor Merián Soto.