Lyons and Tigers presents Bricolage

Lyons and Tigers presents Bricolage, an evening of new dance that features a quartet that responds to Donald Trump; a trio that uses live NPR as a sound score; two women in school desks casting anxiety ridden shadows; and a strange and supple solo that draws from the movements of political leaders.

In Darcy Lyons’ piece, four powerful women move through the Kubler- Ross model of the stages of grief that many people experienced after Donald Trump was elected president. Hate has no home here blends pedestrian, quirky, and virtuosic movements. Throughout, the dancers write and erase words from a large whiteboard used as an interactive, communicative device between the dancers themselves and between the dancers and the audience. This whiteboard references both the potency and easy dismissal of spoken and written language in regards to Trump’s campaign and presidency as well as the power of written words on posters used in protests around the world that condemn his hateful behavior and beliefs.

Celine McBride offers a new solo inspired by the gestures and social strategies employed by current figures in power and people’s responses to these strategies. The work offers a brief impression of her window into the present political landscape. She portrays some of the absurdity and frustrating nonsense through repetitive action, incessant sound and strained physicality.

Meredith Stapleton presents three different duets that she merged into a trio featuring Marisa Illingworth, Harlee Trautman, and Jennifer Yackel. The performers frame a scattered, narrative sound score of live National Public Radio (NPR). Head, Shoulders, Knees is an ongoing exploration of wondering: how do we process the constant influx of media?

Choreographers Mary-Carmen Webb and Harlee Trautman explain about their duet: “We are two bodies moving in space, forming temporary dance inside of constricting locations, passing notes to keep in conversation. This is a section from a whole. Subject: to change focuses on constructs and limitations.”

All the pieces feature conceptually different yet thoughtful and mature perspectives during a time that promises to be incredibly difficult and unstable. No matter who you are, you can relate to this performance, so come see us transform the space of a converted factory in Kensington.


What: Lyons and Tigers presents Bricolage
When: Saturday March 18 at 8 PM and Sunday March 19 at 7 PM
Where: The Iron Factory, 118 Fontain Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122
Tickets: $15 General Admission, $10 Artist/Student/Unemployed
Visit for more information and tickets.