Performance Garage Receives $1million State Grant for Phase Two Renovations

With Phase One renovations now complete, the Performance Garage is pleased to announce that it has received a $1 million grant through the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) for Phase Two of the Capital Project.  The Performance Garage is deeply appreciative to Governor Wolf for selecting our project to be one of the recipients of this competitive grant offered through the State of Pennsylvania.

Phase One of the Capital Project was supported by the generosity of our donors, as well as a $500,000 Philadelphia City grant awarded by the Cultural Corridors Fund.  Phase One included updates and repairs to the existing dance studios, professional theater space, dressing room, lobby area, and administrative offices.  Work completed in Phase One will be qualified as matching support for the recently received RACP funds.

Phase Two of the Capital Project will include renovations to the undeveloped second and third floors above the dance studio.  These floors will be transformed into mission supportive rental properties, which will help generate earned revenue to support the Performance Garage’s operations and dance programming.  Renovations will include reinforcing structural beams, a new stairway and ADA compliant elevator, installing separate HVAC systems, and finishing out the general construction of the two spaces.

The Performance Garage’s Capital Project aligns with the City’s goal to develop the Avenue of the Arts North, and will help increase the Performance Garage’s capacity to expand its supportive services and programs.  Performance Garage Executive Director Jeanne Ruddy explains: “This significant grant will move us into the final stages of a master plan that began back when we started our organization in 2000.  Our hope was to restore all of the spaces of our facility for a variety of uses related to our work in the community within the field of dance.  After seventeen years of supporting Philadelphia’s dance community, this dream will become fully realized.”

Through its subsidized rental program, the Performance Garage provides affordable rates for dance artists to host classes, workshops, auditions, and productions.  The Performance Garage Youth Outreach Program supports free, bi-weekly dance classes for neighborhood youth.  During the past year alone, the Performance Garage supported 73 performances with 897 participating artists and over 6,000 audience members.

For more information about the Performance Garage’s programs and the Capital Project, please visit www.performancegarage.org.


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