Tania Isaac and Meredith Rainey remount (In)Visible at the Painted Bride, Jan 27&28

photo credit Alexander Iziliaev

Painted Bride announces as part of its Spring roster (In)Visible, a dance performance by Tania Isaac and Meredith Rainey of Pitch (a dance co.). A reflective and whimsical blend of satire and gesture, (In)Visible delves into ideas of identity as they pertain to culture, sexuality, race, and the paradoxes we all embody. (In)Visible comes to Painted Bride January for two shows: January 27th and 28th at 7pm.

Based on Ralph Ellison’s seminal work, Invisible Man, (In)Visible looks specifically at the quiet questions and the internal monologues that we generate as we navigate our parallel experiences. The piece began as Meredith’s solo project, commissioned by the Annenberg Center as part of their By Local series. Tania began as the project’s facilitator, but by the show’s premiere in April 2016, they had become choreographic collaborators and subsequently performed together. The final piece is framed by original writing from both artists alongside music of Jorge Cousineau and Frédéric Chopin. The duo are remounting the piece at the Bride as the culminating event of a residency, one that finds both artists digging deeper into their creative processes.

In 2006, Tania developed the Opennotebook– an interactive installation about creative process that brings audiences into the unfolding evolution of an idea. Last spring, that idea morphed into what Tania calls the Performance Based, Research and Experiment LAB (PBRanE LAB) was born. Tania writes about PBRanE:

PBRanE LAB is a residency where we take and shape the curiosity that we have about each other; where we try to understand a point of view and the impetus for actions. In its most ambitious incarnation, it provides a conversation space that we seem on the verge of losing—the space that allows us to see divergent points of view, to ask why without penalty, to present ideas without vilification, and try to remain connected to each other outside of the range of opinions we share about the world. In its smallest moment, it simply allows a person to walk into another’s thoughts and to imagine where active curiosity and investigation could lead anyone.

Since September, Tania and Meredith have used the PBRanE LAB model to document the process of bringing (In)Visible to life on the Painted Bride stage. Audiences will be able to experience the installation during the two performances this January. In addition to the performance and installation, both performances of (In)Visible includes a prelude performed by Brian Cardova and Danielle Currica based on “dance requests” from the notebook installation audiences. Also, Saturday’s show will include an artist talk on “echo-location,” or creating in response to the cultural environment.

(In)Visible comes to Painted Bride Art Center January 27 & 8 at 7pm. Tickets on sale now—$20 Advance, $25 Day of. To purchase, log on to or call 215.925.9914.
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