Three Aksha presents Natyashastra: the Oldest Surviving Stagecraft in the World, October 30th

Known for their innovative approach to presenting the tradition and heritage of Indian culture and art, Three Aksha brings the beautiful intricacies of Indian dance and music to public audiences in “Natyashastra: the Oldest Surviving Stagecraft in the World.”   A rehearsal and workshop phase, open to the community, will culminate in a public performance at the JCC Auditorium of the KleinLife Center on October 30, 2016 at 6 PM.

Open to ALL, these workshops are focused on increasing appreciation and audience attendance for traditional Indian art in Philadelphia and on enabling second generation Indians to connect to their roots in a new place and time.

“There is absolute scarcity of resources and knowledge with regards to south Indian classical dance or music,” explains Viji Rao. “In my role as a practitioner and educator in the community, I see the need and necessity to have a workshop/lecture demonstration about the intricate rhythm and pattern that goes into creating a beautiful art form of Bharatanatyam.”

The workshops, and ultimately the performance, will be interpreting and learning from Natyashastra. Natyashastra is the oldest surviving text on dance and music in the world. Prior to 200 BCE, artists would pass on their theatrical talent orally from generation to generation. A wise sage known as Bharata collected and documented the best practices in art– from music to dance, drama to costumes and fine art. In doing so, Bharata laid the cornerstone of theatrical arts in India. With its kaleidoscopic approach, Natyashastra has offered a remarkable dimension to growth and development of music, dance, drama, and art in India and the rest of the world.

A project on Natyashastra is a first of its kind to the community in Philadelphia. Over the course of ten days, participants will receive an overview of all 36 chapters of the Natyashastra, as well as an introduction on theory of facial expression, a major component of Classical Indian Dance Bharatanatyam.  The workshop comprises all of the important aspects of the 36 chapters on Natyashastra and will culminate in an evening presentation on October 30. The first half of the evening will be a music concert by Chakrafonics led by Praveen D Rao; followed by the dance performance of “Natyashastra.”

Support provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Knight Foundation and the Leeway Foundation.


Natyashastra: the Oldest Surviving Stagecraft in the World
Three Aksha
October 30, 2016 at 6 PM
JCC Auditorium, KleinLife Center, 10100 Jamison Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19116
Advance Tickets $15-$25 ; At the Door $20-$30
Tickets online at

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