Hannah Joo

Artistic Evolution at the 30th InHale Performance

October 26, 2016 Hannah Joo 0

by Hannah Joo for The Dance Journal | photo credit Bianca Castafiore This October, the InHale Performance Series marked its 30th showcase of works by local choreographers. Curated and directed by Jessica Warchal-King, InHale provides a space […]

Hannah Joo

Negotiating Loss in SaltSoul

October 26, 2016 Hannah Joo 0

photo credit Annie Seng by Hannah Joo for The Dance Journal The first thing I was asked to do upon entering the Asian Arts Initiative  was to write down the name of someone who I […]

Gary Day

A Glimpse Inside Koresh

October 17, 2016 Gary L. Day 0

photo credit: Frank Bicking By Gary L. Day for The Dance Journal The process of creating art is a mystery to most people, on a par with how the Federal Reseerve determines the Prime Rate. […]

Lew's Danceland

Cinderella Dance Liberty

October 15, 2016 Lewis J. Whittington 0

Photo credit  Alexander Iziliaev By Lewis J. Whittington for The Dance Journal Academy of Music, October 13 The transition phase of Pennsylvania Ballet under Angel Corella’s artistic leadership continued as last season came to a […]

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