RealLivePeople Presents returns for the second year


RealLivePeople, a local contemporary dance company whose work explores human experiences through firsthand stories and unspoken gestures, will be producing, for the second year in a row, a performance series featuring new work of their own as well as the work of colleagues from Philadelphia, North Carolina and Australia. RealLivePeople Presents comes to the Latvian Society (531 N. 7th Street) on Friday, May 20th at 7pm, Saturday, May 21st at 7pm, and Sunday, May 22nd at 3pm. Doors, and The Latvian Society bar, open one hour before performance time.

RealLivePeople Presents is a relatively new performance platform for the company. This series developed in 2015 from our desire to further investigate who we are as a company by connecting to the work of our peers. In the past six years we have had the pleasure of working with an incredible range of talented artists, and we are thrilled to be able to present a few of them. This second edition of RealLivePeople Presents will showcase fresh work from RealLivePeople Artistic Director Gina Hoch-Stall, as well as colleagues and collaborators from Philadelphia and Durham, North Carolina. The company is especially thrilled that Tessa Kate Broadby and Vicky Kapo, Australian artists Hoch-Stall met at the Ponderosa choreographic residency in Germany in summer of 2015, are able to join us for this series. RealLivePeople Presents is supported in part by The Philadelphia Cultural Fund, The Samuel S. Fels Fund and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

Artistic Director Gina Hoch-Stall will present for the first time publicly “Audition Solo,” which asks the question: how do you allow yourself to be really seen in just three minutes? Created in collaboration with costume designer Michelle Yeager, choreographer and performer Hoch-Stall explores questions of presence, specificity and vulnerability through a diverse movement vocabulary…in only three minutes. The title is not tongue-in-cheek. The solo actually helped earn Hoch-Stall a place as an MFA candidate in dance at The Ohio State University beginning Fall 2016. Just in the past year, Hoch-Stall’s work has been presented in the Akimbo Festival in Baltimore, MD, the HOT! Festival in Brooklyn, NY, the Your Move Festival in Hoboken, NJ and in Durham, NC with Nicola Bullock.

“Presenting: You First (with the hope for reciprocation)” is an athletic and intimate duet choreographed and performed by Hoch-Stall and Scott McPheeters. McPheeters has been working as a performer, choreographer and teacher in Philadelphia for 11 years. Wanting to pursue a career in both theater and dance, he chose Philadelphia as his artistic home because it is a community that strongly encourages interdisciplinary “puddle jumping.” He co-directs dance and technology company Subcircle and regularly performs for the Bearded Ladies Cabaret and Nichole Canuso Dance Company. “Presenting…” explores the presentation of self, an intense desire to be accepted and the concept of “winning someone over.” Costumes are by Michelle Yeager and dramaturgical consultation is by RealLivePeople Managing Director Sara Nye. The first iteration of this piece was part of last year’s first RealLivePeople Presents. Over the past year, Hoch-Stall and McPheeters have worked to expand the piece; this series presents the Philadelphia premiere of the new second half – a second half that turns the first half on its head.

Nicola Bullock, from Durham, NC, and Vicky Kapo, from New Zealand by way of Australia, will bring “Rift,” a new duet exploring the dynamic between two people meeting for the first time. Can they suspend their differences, diversities and desires to create connection? Or will the meeting pull them and their daily lives under? Bullock has had work commissioned by North Carolina dance and theater companies and celebrated in the local media. Kapo’s tools of choice are movement, text, spatial design and improvisation. Her works can be political, evocative, mesmerizing and polite, and she hopes to encourage an experience that is timeless and connecting.

Kapo will later embark on a solo investigation entitled “precipice,” exploring the view that every now and then one stands on a precipice where one has to make a choice between waking and sleeping, and/or between what has always been done and/or jumping with all one’s fears into the laps of the gods both old and new.

For the second year in a row, Philadelphia dance artist Shannon Murphy of idiosynCrazy productions joins RealLivePeople Presents with yet another new work. In “Hot Air,” performers Marisa Illingworth and Meredith Stapleton will combine two different methods of movement invention. The first is movement initiated from diaphramatic embodiment and metaphor of the anatomical rhythms of the diaphragm and ribcage. The second is an investigation of archetypes and history of the cis-gendered, blonde, white woman. In this work, Murphy investigates the physical representation of the grotesque and dangerous. Murphy is a staple of the Philadelphia dance community, not only as an avid educator, but also as an artist constantly interested in movement research and invention. Murphy recently presented the successful “Rhythm and Race,” the first co-presentation of work by Murphy and idiosynCrazy productions’ co-founder Jumatatu Poe since 2012.

Tessa Kate Broadby, from Melbourne, Australia, will present “PREvolution,” which was commissioned by Lucy Guerin Inc as part of Pieces for Small Spaces 2015. “PREvolution” is a practice of letting go. Broadby identifies as a dance maker, performer and experience facilitator, so audiences should expect to be fully engaged in and invigorated by her work. Broadby has participated in professional development residencies in France, Germany and at ImpulsDanz Festival in Vienna, Austria.

RealLivePeople strives to balance inventive, athletic movement with poignant and provocative interactions that resonate with an audience. We tackle our subject matter from multiple perspectives, bringing in composers, artists and filmmakers to collaborate and even incorporating our audience’s opinions and stories into the work in real time. For us the work is about being human onstage – part performance, part real-life. For RealLivePeople Presents, we team up with colleagues who complement, investigate and challenge this mission.

Tickets are $15 for General Admission, available online at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reallivepeople-presents-tickets-24246588198 or at the door.
$12 for Students and PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Card Members – cash only at the door.

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