4th Annual Evening of Duets


Created as a pre-Valentines performance, this event will highlight duets from the romantic to the volatile by innovative choreographers and their professional dance companies from Philadelphia, New York and DC.

After last year’s sold out shows and amazing community support, Evening of Duets will take place again at the Community Education Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 5 & 6 2016 at 7:30pm and February 7, 2016 at 3:00pm. Philadelphia residents can expect an enriching weekend of noteworthy dance from Philadelphia, New York and Washington, DC.

This event will highlight duets from the romantic to the volatile by innovative choreographers and their professional dance companies. Curated and produced by Melissa Chisena, this year will feature eleven companies.

The performing companies and artists are Almanac Dance Circus Theatre, Angie Conte/Angie Moon Dance Theatre (New York), Annielille Gavino Kollman/Malayaworks, Brandi Ou Dance, Chisena Danza, Company E (Washington, DC), Jessica C. Warchal-King: The Embodiment Project, JDY Dance, Julia Mayo, Meredith Stapleton & Joseph Ahmed, and Tara Madsen Robbins

This year, Evening of Duets is proud to present two distinguished out of town companies. Angie Conte, director of Angie Moon Dance Theatre will be presenting, for the first time in Philadelphia, her duet “Stockholm”. This duet is about the fine line between love and hate, trust and compliance. It explores what happens when that line blurs and questions why we love blindly instead of hate with full awareness.

World-renowned Company E, based in Washington, DC will be presenting Paul Gordon’s duet “Falling”, a “heart stopping” (The Washington Post) duet with all the ups and downs, pushes and pulls of the evolution of a life together. Set along a single long corridor of light, it is as much about what cannot be seen as what can.

Another exciting addition to this performance is choreographer Julia Mayo, currently assistant professor of dance at Desales University. Ms. Mayo received her BFA from Julliard and her MFA from NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts. Her duet explores the haunting simplicity of Erik Satie and takes inspiration from Man on Wire, a documentary on tightrope walker Philippe Petit. The duet consists of clear lines and embellished movements. The solo voice of the piano is reflected by the simplicity and clarity of the movement. The dance portrays feelings of confinement, trust, and the decision to carry on.

Almanac Dance Circus Theatre’s newly commissioned work Fountain Pedaling is a demanding physical dance of sudden shifts between acrobatic architecture and lyrical support. These two male and female bodies reveal the beautiful utility of hidden exertion, reaching an egalitarian celebration of strength, softness, and balance.

Other works from Philadelphia based artists include The Embodiment Project by Jessica C. Warshal-King, emerging choreographer and dancer with Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers and Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet. The Embodiment Project is an ongoing research combining education, physical dance practice, and performance. Using dance as its medium, it investigates the relationships between kinesthetic, somatic, and anatomical understanding, self-awareness, art making, joy-creation, and social justice. “Unspoken” is inspired by Jessica’s experiences with military families and their negotiations of persistence, courage, fear, isolation, and connection.

Meredith Stapleton & Joseph Ahmed have been collaborating across theater and dance disciplines for the past year in pursuit of failure, sincerity, and comedic impulse. In “Falling in Fancy Clothes” two well-dressed performers greet the audience as if hosting a red carpet event, but their formal facade devolves as quickly as they collapse. Who are the sensual, sensitive humans disguised as a manicured couple?

Tara Madsen Robbins joins the program again, this year, with a world premiere. In her new duet “Initiate”, she explores the origins of movement that exist within each dancer and between the two as a whole.

Brandi Ou Dance will be presenting a duet about conversations with the whole body. It is about how our bodies relate to each other and how we use our bodies as a form of language to communicate.

JDY Dance will be presenting “Waterwise “a site-adaptive work that explores the primal nature and strength of femininity using the icon of Sirens from Greek mythology as inspiration. It has been described as being “graceful” and “irreverently playful”.

Annielille Gavino-Kollman/Malayaworks aims to set a collage of multi disciplinary dance forms, creating a contextual framework for socio-political and/or cultural narratives. “2 sugars and a 1/2” is a simple recipe to a satire about a relationship. Through a bit of tongue and cheek, the work suggests how habits can cause havoc. A habit as simple as snoring possibly caused by too many glasses of wine.

Melissa Chisena, director of Chisena Danza and the host of Evening of Duets, will be premiering a new duet in collaboration with Marie Brown, exploring the characteristics and symbolism of the serpent. The movement and context explores the intertwining, interweaving, and entanglement of two serpents fighting for power and domination.

The mission of Evening of Duets is to enrich, unite, inspire and give an outlet for choreographers, dancers, musicians and poets to collaborate and present innovative works for the Philadelphia community.


An Evening of Duets
February 5 & 6, 2015 @ 7:30pm
February 7, 2015 @ 3:00pm
Community Education Center, Meeting House Theatre
3500 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104
For Tickets visit www.danceboxoffice.com
Tickets: $18 General Admission , $15 Students/Seniors, $12 PhiladelphiaDance.org Members

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