Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet Presents 2016 Philadelphia Screendance Festival

Festival Photo 2
Credit: undertow, photo by Duncan Wilder

Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet presents Philadelphia’s newest international “dance­for­camera” film festival, February 16 – 21, 2016, which celebrates the nexus between the cinematic and the choreographic! 27 “dance­for­camera” short films from film/dance­makers from all over the globe, Philadelphia, Montreal, Santa Barbara, Greece, Iran, San Francisco, NYC, London, and more will be represented in three separate programs in this exciting, 6­ day event.  Screenings will occur at Christ Church Neighborhood House Theater 20 N. American Street, 4th Floor in Philadelphia.

All three programs provide a variety of films, featuring award winning film makers, seasoned choreographers, and emerging artists. Philadelphia artists’ work can be seen in all three of the programs: Jillian Harris, Joseph Carlin, Zornitsa Stoyanova, Niki Cousineau, and Jorge Cousineau. There is a stunning array of choreography to be enjoyed, including work from Amy Seiwert, Crystal Pite, Jody Oberfelder, and many more. The Philadelphia Screendace Festival is a world class event that Philadelphia can be proud to call its own.

NGCB created this festival with a desire to take Gibson’s passion for dynamic collaboration to a new level. The “dance­for­camera” genre is the epitome of cross­disciplinary creation: choreography, cinematography, music, dance, editing . . . . It was a logical step in the company’s programming to host an event that celebrates this fusion of artistry. It also created a presence for Philadelphia in this genre, as the city has lacked an international “dance­for­camera” festival until now!

There are three separate programs, all of short films of varied types: narrative, abstract, poetic, horrific, fun, sumptuous, heartwarming, strange, and beautiful. The tickets have been priced moderately to encourage attendance of all three programs.

This film festival is running concurrently at the same venue with NGCB’s evening­length ballet Ephemeral, a work about Time for dance, light, and environmental sound score.

Festival Photo 3
Credit: 219 Gates, Photo by Joel Marsh Garland

SCREENING DATES: Febuary 16­ – 21

PROGRAM A: Tuesday & Friday (8:30­9:30pm)
PROGRAM B: Wednesday & Saturday (8:30­9:30pm)
PROGRAM C: Thursday & Sunday (Thurs 8:30­9:30/ Sun 4:30­5:30)
VENUE: Christ Church Neighborhood House Theater 20 N. American Street, 4th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19102
Ticket prices: $12­$15; $25 for combo ticket to include NGCB’s Ephemeral directly preceding
PURCHASE TICKETS: online at­2016­philadelphia­screendance­festival­tickets­18845289769